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Is Your LinkedIn Self Obsessed?

LinkedIn can be used as a great marketing tool, for you and your company. But to get the most out of the platform, there is one uncomfortable truth that you have to come to terms with. People just don’t care that much about you. I don’t mean you specifically, but it’s just inevitable that most people are not going to be interested in the exact same things as you. If you want to build your network, promote your business, generate leads or achieve all three, then you need to ask yourself… Is your LinkedIn self obsessed? 


Show your business in the best light

If your business is invested in creating a presence on LinkedIn, then they are going to want to see people engaging with your profile. But, your profile needs to be a good representation of the business. 

Of course, you still want your profile to showcase your personality. Seeing the real people that make up your company is a huge asset. But it needs to be done with the goals of your business in mind. Featuring consistent company branding across all employee profiles helps to create a strong brand image. This means a company background photo will likely be a better choice than a personal one. Creating a balance between promotional posts and ones featuring your personal interests is also just as important. 

Having a consistent brand identity across all employee profiles is the best way for your business to build a presence on LinkedIn. You need to find that balance between personal and professional, and a LinkedIn that is all about you is not achieving this. 

Appeal to your target audience 

Are you struggling to reach your target audience? It might be because you’ve made the mistake of making your LinkedIn all about you. Take the focus off yourself- you can’t expect everyone to be personally invested in you. Instead, place the focus on your target audience, because they are going to be invested in their own interests. This is what will get them engaged. 

You need to be thinking about what it is that your target audience wants. What motivates them? What is it they desire? If you want your LinkedIn to generate leads and drive sales, then your profile needs to explain to your target audience how your company can solve their specific problems and get them what they want. 

Taking a step back from yourself and instead focusing on what your target audience cares about is going to build their interest in your LinkedIn profile. This shift in focus is going to increase engagement, build your network with the right people and generate leads.

In Summary…

  • If your LinkedIn says everything about you and nothing about your business, then it is not helping to promote the company. 
  • People are more likely to connect with your LinkedIn profile if it is relevant to them. 
  • Lead generation comes from focusing on what your target audience wants, not focusing on yourself. 

Ultimately, people care more about themselves than they do about you, and for good reason.  Especially in business. If your LinkedIn is self obsessed and not enough about your target audience, then you are missing out on the marketing opportunities which the platform has to offer.

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