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If you see Money, a Lamborghini and a *Special programme*… RUN!

I’ve got increasingly annoyed with the adverts on social media from twenty-somethings with the Lambo and house in Bali sharing their special programme to work less and earn more.

The Lamborghini has become the internet gurus trademark!

Please stay with me as there is value in this article, despite the appearance of being a rant.

Since Christmas, my Facebook feed has been filled with adverts on social media. From people offering to show you how to have the life, you’ve always dreamed of. When you do a bit of digging you realise that the Lambo is hired as is the luxury apartment, they filmed it in.

Despite how obviously fake it is, people buy into this hook line and sinker.

The best one I saw the other day was someone with $100,000 in a suitcase. The video was filmed in London which begs the question, why on earth would you have $100k in a suitcase in London?

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Of course, not all of the people in this sector are like this, there are some great people in the internet marketing / online programmes/e-book world. But there is also a lot of Bullsh*t.

I’ve studied a lot of them to understand the marketing tactics they’re using as often behind these guys is some very manipulative but smart marketing. They’ve built a scam-like, but effective, marketing machine.

  • They target very confused people.
  • Use fast cars and big bucks to convince people they know what they are doing.
  • They are playing into our desire for quick fixes.

Despite the human race pretty much universally knowing there are no quick fixes for any problems. We are still suckers for someone selling what appears to be an easy solution. When it comes to a stagnating business, the easy answer is to buy something, take massive action or get someone to do something.

We want an easy answer.

We want growth and results today.

So these internet marketing people with their hired sportscar, special programme and the rented AirBnB apartment pumping out these videos are playing to the easy answer.

For most, the answer they are looking for is “How can I grow my business quicker and cheaper?”

As human beings, we instinctively are drawn to taking action as the primary way to solve a problem, but it isn’t all about action. These people play on the premise of paying for a result. Life doesn’t work that way.

I’m working on a book, it may take me years to finish but the central theme of a book is that money is not a limiting factor on the growth of a business. I’ve started and built businesses with no money down.

These gurus try to convince us often that there are shortcuts to success and if you just buy their programme it will fix everything.

The problem is our thinking, but we don’t want to hear that. We want an e-book formula, not to be told that we need to dig deep to solve the issues for ourselves.

I’ve seen a big push from internet marketers for creating online funnels. Funnels are great but you really have got to know what the hell you’re going to do with them before you buy into one of the services or done-for-you-services.

It’s like throwing stuff at a wall in the hope something will stick!

When you have a strategic problem, you can’t just keep trying new tactics. Eventually, you exhaust the tactics and have to face the major issue, your strategy; your thinking is off.

You can double your revenue in your business.

But not by buying into some quick win philosophy or playing tactical.

It’s going to take you changing your thinking, coming up with a compelling offer for your customers (not just a great price) and knowing how to execute it that will make the difference.

The online gurus have got something right, they know their audience well and have a well crafted and compelling offer which people buy into. In that way, they are examples of great marketing.

In my consulting work, I’ve seen that 90% of the barriers to the growth of a company are around the quality of the strategy and thinking behind the business. Change that and everything slots into place.

Your barrier to growth is probably in your business mindset and strategy. If your mindset and strategy are off, it will ruin the execution. Especially if you’re trying to grow using social media.

Let me ask you…

Why does your business exist?

What are the marginal factors which keep you ahead of the competition?

Do you have key elements that will allow your business to grow and prosper?

What is your plan to acquire your next 10, 50 or 100 customers?

No Lamborghini, special programme, guy (or gal) can show you that, you must discover those things for yourself. You can get guidance but until you understand it, nobody else in your business can.



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