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How to Use LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides users with a vital tool to expand their skill base and develop their knowledge. It can help you advance your career and achieve more in the world of professionals. 

The online platform allows you to learn at your own pace from a library of training that contains thousands of courses covering a whole range of subjects. All you have to do is search for a course that interests you and then you can study it at your leisure. 

LinkedIn Assessment

Why use LinkedIn Learning? 

LinkedIn Learning lets you find courses that can take your knowledge further. The library contains over 13,000 on-demand courses that have been provided based on data-driven insights from users and professionals across the LinkedIn network. 

In order to find the right course for you, you can search using the recommendations and search tool. Once you’ve found the right training programme you can get started at a time that suits you. In fact, the whole process can be done at your own pace, 

playing and pausing the videos as much as needed. 

There are also a number of additional tools that can support your learning. These include transcripts, exercise files and suggested learning paths. Suggested learning paths highlight additional training videos that may be related to the one you have already chosen. This can help you take your learning journey further.

When you access a training programme you can see who else has viewed that course. Plus you will be able to see what industries they work in and where they are employed. This can help you choose the right training if you are looking for a job in a specific industry or company as you can see what kind of skills they desire.  

How to get the most from your course

Once you have decided on a course, there are a number of ways you can make the most out of your training. Firstly, you can save the course so it is easy to access at a time that suits you. Do this by clicking on the three buttons next to the title, then choose save. 

From this page you also have the option to change the layout to suit you, share the course for others to see and browse the chapters to track your progress. In addition, if you are doing the training at work or without sound, you can read the transcript below the video to really absorb the information included. 

After you have completed the training video you will be given the chance to attempt a quiz based on the information you have learnt. These are designed to test your knowledge and boost your confidence with the learning materials. You can take the quiz straight after the training or at a later date.

In order to commemorate your training journey, once you have completed a LinkedIn Learning course you can add a certificate to your profile. This way you have a record of your achievements and any employers or connections can see that you are developing and improving your skills. 

Your step by step guide on how to use LinkedIn Learning

  1. Find a LinkedIn Learning course using the search tools
  2. Access the training and save it for later if required
  3. Follow the training modules at your own pace
  4. Complete the end of course quiz
  5. Display your certificate of completion on your profile 
  6. Share the course with your network 
  7. Continue to follow the suggested learning path if desired 
  8. Develop more desirable skills and improve your confidence

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