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How To Use LinkedIn Cover Stories

As LinkedIn Cover stories are being rolled out for more and more users a lot of questions are being raised. How should users use the new feature and what is the best practice for using the feature? Here is how you can use LinkedIn cover stories. 

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What are LinkedIn Cover Stories

Cover stories give your profile the ability to say hello on your profile through a short 30 second introduction. LinkedIn itself has given a few examples of what you could showcase in these 30 seconds. You could be seeking a new opportunity and show a brief CV style video describing who you are and what you do. A salesman could demonstrate a service they provide. An influence could welcome a new member of their audience. There are a variety of different ways you could incorporate the cover stories feature. But, how do you create one? 

Note: This feature is currently being rolled out to different users, you may have to wait or contact LinkedIn to see when the feature will be available in your region. 

Creating a LinkedIn Cover Story 

To create a cover story go to your profile using the LinkedIn app. Click on the + icon and choose “Add Cover Story”. You can record your 30 second introduction or click on the media icon next to the red record button to upload a previously created video. After you’ve created your video, adjust your preview, which will be the first three seconds of your video. Next just click “add to profile” and you’re done! 

Adding a cover story on the LinkedIn App in a couple clicks

  1. On your profile click on the + icon 
  2. Select Add Cover Story
  3. Record or upload your video
  4. Create Your Preview
  5. Select Add to Profile

A few things to note. Videos must be at least 3 seconds long and the video will appear within your profile picture so the preview and video will be cropped in the circle, so make sure you’re not standing too close to the camera. 

Why Should You Use Cover Stories 

It’s unclear whether adding these features will affect your search rankings on the platform, but it is clear that any new feature which LinkedIn has trailed and continued to roll out will help people have a clearer picture of the profile they find themselves looking for. So, it’s not a big leap to suspect profiles which use LinkedIns new tools will have greater reach.

At the very least you should be using cover stories if you’re looking to add a more personal approach when someone lands on your profile. If your profile is being viewed for the first time by a potential prospect, a cover story will be the first experience they have with you. Being able to communicate with them clearly using video will give you the opportunity to make a great first impression. Where your personality can do the talking instead of your copywriting skills. This is a blessing and a curse depending on your stance with video content. 



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