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How To Sync Sales Navigator With Your CRM

Sales Navigator has a variety of tracking tools that can be used as a functioning tool for tracking your accounts and sales. But, taking this a step further you can sync your Sales Navigator with your CRM. Helping move important information like leads and accounts from CRM to Sales Navigator.

Before we get started it should be noted that you’ll need a Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise edition to enable the sync or enable the embedded profile. 

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What Does a CRM Sync Do For You? 

CRM Syncing is a way to automatically import data from LinkedIn into your chosen software. You can also use the sync to improve the amount of data you see on certain user accounts. It’s a tool designed to improve efficiency. Putting all the information together to keep you up to date with messages, contact information and steps you’ve taken. 

Syncing Your CRM 

Syncing up your CRM Platform will be different depending on your CRM system. Some CRMs don’t allow syncing at all such as HubSpot, Oracle CX Sales, Pega, SAP and SugarCRM. With these programmes, you will only be able to use Embedded Profiles. Two CRMs supported by LinkedIn with syncing capabilities are Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics. 


To sync your Salesforce CRM connect the CRM to LinkedIn Sales Navigator through Sales Navigator, the configure your sync settings. 

Connecting Salesforce to Sales Navigator: 

1. Sign in to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

2. Click Admin

3. Select Admin Settings

3. Head to CRM Settings

4. Select either Production or Sandbox

5. Click Start

6. Choose your CRM (Salesforce) and click Login.

Configure Your CRM Settings 

Now it’s time to configure your settings. After connecting your CRM, click on Configure Settings. Here you can toggle your settings based on the information you’d like shared between the two platforms. Including: 

  • Log Messages and InMails: This allows users to log messages and InMails exchanged with contacts in your CRM.
  • Log Smart Links: This allows users to create Smart Links and views related analytics. Note that this feature is only available for Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition.
  • Log notes: This allows users to log notes in the CRM.
  • Log calls: This allows users to log calls with contacts in the CRM.

Some options are only available to Sales Navigator Enterprise users, such as: 

  • Create leads: This allows leads from Sales Navigator to be created into contacts in your CRM. 
  • Create contacts: This allows contact creation from Sales Navigator. 

Microsoft Dynamics 

To sync with Microsoft Dynamics you first need to download and install LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Dynamics 365. Head over to the page, select “Get it now”and follow the installation instructions. When the installation is completed, select Go to Configuration.

To connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to LinkedIn Sales Navigator follow the guide above for Salesforce, except for CRM selection in step 6.


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