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How To Send An InMail Message

If you have a premium LinkedIn account, InMail is a feature that allows you to send messages to people that you’re not yet connected with. So, If you’d like to learn more about InMail, check out this article first. For now, here is how to send an InMail message, so keep reading. 

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Getting Started

First things first, if you have a Basic LinkedIn account, you have to upgrade to a Premium account to use this feature. 

LinkedIn Members can change their privacy settings to avoid getting Inmails. (This is found in the message preferences settings). 

Finally, if another member has the Open Profile Premium feature turned on then you can message them for free. 

In order to send an InMail message, you must first navigate to the person’s profile. Search their name in either the messaging page or use the conversation windows. 

Click on the More… button on their introductory section and select Message from the dropdown. 

Want to include a Subject? Type in the subject field. (Optional)

Enter your message into the main text box. Want to know how to send an effective message? Check out our article on How To Send Effective Social Selling Messages

Now, if you’re happy with your message, simply press Send. 

Here’s how to send an InMail message in a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the person’s profile via search or the messaging page. 
  2. Click on More…  in their introduction and select Message from the dropdown. 
  3. Include a Subject (optional).
  4. Type your message.
  5. Click on Send. 

InMails are a great way to great a prospect, but they’re an expensive resource to waste on a cold prospect. So make sure you’re not abusing the InMail feature and talk to the right people who actually will write you a response. Taking a strategic approach will save you a lot of grief.


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