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How To Sell At a Higher Price

In this article, I’m going to show you how to sell at a higher price. Transforming your sales from the tens to the hundreds to the thousands. 

Selling yourself at a higher price without spending a ton of money on advertising, annoying your old or existing clients OR spending 40 years of your life planning an elaborate heist.

This is how you can start selling yourself at a higher price. 

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Pricing Yourself 

To sell at a higher price there are a few things you need and a few things you don’t, but you probably think you do. 

I’ll get the don’ts out of the way first… 

You don’t need a new product you need a need offer – I’ll explain that in a bit. 

Number 2. You don’t need to spend money on advertising… it won’t help you right now. Why? Because if your message is wrong no matter how many people you jam through the pipeline you won’t get the results you want. 

Is marketing and sales a numbers game? At times, yes, but some methods leave you out in the cold for good. Data can be expensive and you should always be finding ways to use it better.

Finally, you don’t need a lucrative subscription-based model. This isn’t how to make more money by holding a client hostage for 10 years… No… This is how to sell at a higher price. What you’ve got right now. 

Now, this is what you do need… 

Refining Your Offer 

First things first you need to refine your offer. 

You might have seen this social post blow up lately about bottles of water… 

In a supermarket, you can get one for £1

You go to the cinema it’ll cost you twice as much

You go to the desert… you get the picture 

It’s all about where you are in the eyes of your target market. 

Are you a supermarket selling commodities? Or are you in a cinema where you’re limited edition? 

Now, as you’re selling online because it’s where you need to be to sell today you can’t rely on scarcity to drive demand. 

People have access to water, services, laminators, and apples just by asking Google. 

Which is fine because you don’t want to market to those ready to buy. 

You need to put yourself in front of people who will benefit the most from you whether they are looking for you or not. 

Teach them what they need by leading them with value and results. 

Soon enough you will become their go-to source for that topic and your offer which you’ve carefully drip-fed them over time becomes more appealing. 

The higher the price the more time and energy it will take, but that’s how you beat that barrier of “I’m looking for a solution that costs this much” vs. “I need this service right now, and I’m willing to pay more to get it”. 


The Right Message Helps You Sell at a Higher Price 

You need A strong message that your target audience latches onto. A message that says, this person is the answer, the only answer or the best answer. 

To get this message out there into the world you need to megaphone it with content, digital marketing, email marketing and social proof – which is testimonials, reviews and your audience raving about you. 

The best message will include clear results that a prospective client will gain from working with you. 

I’ll break down ours as an example… 

Get Clients, Grow Faster And Spend Less Time Selling 

That’s the message we weave into our content and actually includes three key clear results. 

Now you may be thinking… “I sell a complex model, it’s bespoke and unique etc” 

That’s okay the message is the end of the journey.  It’s what underlines the rest of your marketing. You can talk about the USPs, cost reduction metrics and the “fun” stuff in your discovery calls. 

You have to communicate this message in your content, with your marketing and it needs to become your identity. 

You are the go-to expert to get this done. 

Positioning Matters 

Finally, the last must-have is a strategy that positions you over the rest. 

You can only be the best bottle of water if people believe you are. 

It’s how Beyonce sells out at a high price, and why people spend so much money on Teslas. 

Just putting those two in the same sentence right now sounds weird 

So he’s a quick recap of what you need

If you want to sell at a higher price you need the offer, message and strategy that puts you over everyone else so when you start charging a higher price you’re not met with closed doors or bargain hunters. 

The end goal is to become the in-demand expert. 

So when everyone thinks about achieving something you can help with, you’re the first person that pops into their minds. 

It’s how you get inbound enquiries, it’s how you get referrals and most importantly it’s how you can sell your services at a higher price where people don’t think about the price but focus on the value. 

If you think you are underselling what you deliver start looking into thought leadership and brand building because it’s the path forward for clients valuing your time. 

If you know someone undervaluing themselves share this article with them to get the ball rolling.


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