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How To Post and Share Content on LinkedIn

Posting and sharing content on LinkedIn is crucial to growing your presence and building up your network. People get to know you. They get to know what you’re about, your thoughts and feelings and you can even share insights and expertise. 

So, how do you post and share content on LinkedIn?

You can post and share content on LinkedIn quite easily by using the ‘Start a post’ box at the top of the LinkedIn feed. 

You can use these various buttons to decide which type of post you’re going to share on LinkedIn. Whether the content is a photo, video, document, article or even a poll. You can do it all from this handy box. 

Use ‘Start a post’ to write, the camera and video icons allow you to share multimedia, the document icon allows you to share documents like PDFs and clicking ‘Write article’ takes you to LinkedIn’s own article publishing facility to publish articles to your profile. 

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Posting From Your Phone?

The experience differs slightly, but only in terms of where you’ll find the Post button. On the mobile application, the (+) Post icon sits at the bottom of your screen. 

From there, this will open up space for you to post and share content on the platform whilst also choosing the multimedia you’ll attach. 

However, that’s not all of the features available to you when you post and share content on LinkedIn. You can also use the Add icon (+) to view “post suggestions” such as celebrate an occasion, share that you’re hiring, find an expert or create a poll. 

Once you’ve posted an update on LinkedIn, it will be shared publicly or with only your connections or a specific group depending on which visibility you pick. If you’re struggling to find content, why not create some content of your own?

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