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How To Post and Share Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to post and share content to help grow your network connections. Depending on the visibility of your posts, you are much more likely to start conversations and interact with your connections by posting and sharing content. 


When you’re putting your time and effort into engaging posts, you want to make sure you’re sharing them with the right people. In fact, you just want to make sure you’re sharing them at all.

You’re not going to go viral if you don’t post!

To all you LinkedIn veterans, this probably seems like obvious stuff but it’s always better to be sure about what you’re doing.

So, how do you post and share content on LinkedIn?

  • On your LinkedIn feed page, click ‘Start a post.’
  • To add photos, click the ‘image icon.’
  • For videos, click the ‘video icon.’
  • To add documents, click the ‘document icon.’
  • Add the relevant text.
  • Then click ‘Post’ (but make sure to read on about the visibility of your posts first!)

If you get stuck for what kind of content to post the add ‘+’ icon will have some options. You could create a poll, celebrate an occasion, or share that you’re hiring. 

Now, who can see your posts will depend on what visibility option you have chosen. Once you’ve shared your post then you can’t edit the visibility of who has seen it. So, make sure you check before you post. Alternatively, you could delete your post and redo it but then you will lose any interaction you have accumulated on it.

How do you change the visibility of your LinkedIn posts?

  • On your post-draft, there is a button that says ‘Anyone’ beneath your name.
  • Click and choose from the options available.
  • The same can be done for those who can comment on your post.
  • So, your post could be visible to everyone but only your connections can comment. 

Just remember the next time you post to check your visibility settings if you need to change them to something different.

If you want to share your post on other platforms, you can click the three dots and then ‘copy link to post”. Then, you simply go to whichever platform you want to share on (i.e Facebook, Twitter) and paste the URL. You can also do this on anyone else’s posts that you find interesting and think are worth a share. This is a great way to gain more traction on your post and encourage others to share your content.

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