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How to Grow Your Facebook Page for £1 per Day and Build Your Audience of Ideal Customers

It can be difficult for small businesses to grow a Facebook Page. Particularly if you haven’t got lots of cash to splash. If Facebook Ads aren’t implemented correctly, it could even end up costing you your business. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds on promoting your posts on Facebook. Now you’re paying at least £1 for a single impression.

“You are only as good as the engagement you’ve had in the last 48 Hours”

This is a quick and simple way to build your Facebook audience. With it, you can build your page likes and engagement with your ideal customers. What you need to do is follow these simple rules of practice. These will help you build your audience of ideal customers and get you the returns you are looking for.

If you are struggling with implementing this on Facebook, you can get in touch with Dean. We Offer 1:1 sessions on all methods of growing business. From social selling to email marketing. These quick tutorial videos are a great way of getting started. However, the strategy behind each campaign will change dramatically when put into practice. As you have different factors coming into play.

As time goes on the methods and strategies can change with social media algorithms and processes. For example, each video concerning Facebook ads themselves can outdated themselves depending on how the social media platforms act in the years to come. Not only do the policies change, but how your content is ranked on the platform can change also. So if you really want to grow your Facebook page you need to keep up-to-date with all the latest tools to fully see the benefit for your page.

Dean Seddon

Dean Seddon

I'm the maverick that helps business solve their No 1 problem; How to convince more customers to buy.

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