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How to get more Organic Inbound Leads

Who’s seen the film Inception? It all comes down to implanting an idea so deeply in someone’s mind that they believe it is their own. That is the essence of organic inbound leads. I am a firm believer in organic inbound leads, and today I will persuade you to believe in them as well. 

We all know people feel more comfortable taking any action when they believe it was their own idea. For example, when we see Facebook ads or any other type of highly targeted marketing, we immediately click away. This type of marketing reduces success rates to a pitiful 1% or 3%. Organic inbound leads are your golden chalice, the win-win situation that your company requires to win the big prize.


Brands are promoting their message all over the world in the race for the grand prize: being top of mind.

Anyone in marketing wants this prize because it means that the message they worked so hard to build has been actually delivered. Take a look at Coca-Cola or Pepsi. These brands put in a lot of time and effort to stay at the top of people’s minds. They no longer have to blatantly force their products on the general public. We’re already fully conscious of what they sell. Coca – Cola, and Pepsi have successfully planted their message inside the minds of their customers over time, resulting in a solid organic inbound position. People who are thirsty are not looking for the best drink. They are specifically looking for a Coke or Pepsi. This is exactly what you want your prospects to go and do. Seek your business out when the need arrives. 

So, what are some of the current roadblocks to achieving a solid organic inbound position?

Don’t try and Influence The World

The first step is to recognise that we, as business owners, are not attempting to change the world. What we’re really attempting to do is influence, say, 1000 people. It is pointless to tailor your marketing or message to the entire world because you will never obtain this. You want to cultivate superfans who will keep your company at the forefront of their minds.

Need Vs Want

Understanding what motivates your customer and differentiating between what they want and what they need is at the heart of organic inbound marketing. Your customer may desire a Lamborghini, but what they really require is a replacement for a flat tyre. Why is it critical to recognise this distinction? People who want something but don’t need it are generally more discretionary in their decision-making and purchasing, especially in B2B. There is effectively no pressure on this consumer/business to make an active decision. They will linger over it, taking their time, and potentially wasting yours. Customers who have a need, on the other hand, are under a lot of pressure and are more likely to act.

Now, I’m not referring to an unhealthy amount of pressure, such as going bankrupt. A company may be under pressure to achieve a certain level of growth in a short period of time, and your solution could be the key to them doing so.

Seed your value

Now that you’ve identified a need in your target market, you can plant the seed that your company will add value to them. So, how do we make that work? The beauty of today’s technological era is that there are a million different options available to your business. Most businesses overlook the golden rule of organic inbound marketing at this point: you are not selling to the entire world. You must, however, determine what type of content and platform works best for you.

Persistent and Prolific

Trial and error is really the only way to achieve great results. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or even another platform, the mission is to find a message that will resonate with your audience. There is no quick way to do this, but once you find that sweet spot, you will start earning that top of mind. From there, you can create a pain point and a value mind map, which will provide you with new and different content options whilst still revolving around the same message.

It takes time for people to retain information. Sometimes they have to see things over and over and over again before it finally sinks in. However, once it gets through to them you will find yourself in a situation where people are coming to you. They are calling you and searching specifically for your website instead of just the general city or area.

I’m sorry to say that organic inbound leads are not something that can be obtained without effort. However, unlike other hard-sell techniques, it is an effort that I assure you will pay off. You can’t hide.  You must be out there every single day if you really want to learn and improve your ability to generate organic inbound leads. 

Will it take more time than short-term advertising campaigns? Yes. 

Will it make your life easier in the long run? Absolutely.

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