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How To Get A Team To Stick To The Strategy

When you’ve got a shiny new approach that you want to be rolled out across the board immediately it can be frustrating when key elements are missed. How can you ensure a team sticks to the strategy laid out? With a few simple steps, you can make it easy to follow.

Getting Started

It can jarring walking into your office and seeing everything has changed, so you need to give some warning before pivoting wildly. The best way to make sure a strategy is ready to roll from day one is to brief your team beforehand. Set a date, book a meeting and discuss the change in direction. If the strategy and change are well thought out, it should be easy for everyone to see the direction of the company and work towards that goal. 

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A strategy guide would be a huge asset to your team to avoid constant questions and misdirections. These guides should cover the growing pains of a new strategy and how to approach old scenarios with the new strategy. Some people are more adaptable than others, that’s just the nature of the team, so it’s important to write these guidelines as simple as possible, whilst prefacing it to your team that you’re not being patronizing. You also need to check your wording, if any questions arise due to the wording of your guides, you need to recreate them with those questions in mind. 


Progress meetings and ongoing support is a key area for new strategies to succeed. Let your team know if a problem with the new strategy occurs it’s important to voice them and work through them together. Without this open nature and flexibility, your strategy will feel more like a new set of rules, rather than an aspiring new direction for the business. 

Some members of the team can also be set in their ways, so those progress meetings can address those who don’t support change. Don’t make accusations, just review why there may be a barrier for the person to adapt to the new strategy. You can accommodate those who may need more training so they can stick to the strategy. 

Stick To The Strategy Yourself

An important element for any new strategy is to lead by example. Show why it works and why people should stick to it.  If you can’t follow your new strategy yourself, how can you expect those around you to follow suit? Just like with anything else you need to be able to power forwards and set the example. If any flaws need to be fixed or problems to be addressed you can be the first to solve them. 

Training Sessions 

Bringing in a professional coach or training may help power your new strategy forwards. When guidebooks and meetings aren’t enough, bringing in a professional could make a huge difference. Training can come in many forms, from simple talks, articles, podcasts to guided sessions so gauge the type of training you need and book it in as soon as possible. 

It can be frustrating when your team doesn’t stick to the strategy. Especially when your business may be losing traction as a result. To make sure everyone is on the same page, make sure that communication is open for everyone to voice their opinions. Whilst also giving the right amount of support for your team to adapt to the change. 


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