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How To Create Smart Links on Sales Navigator

How To Create Smart Links on Sales Navigator

If you have a Sales Navigator Teams account, you will have access to Smart Links. These links are useful for understanding more about your prospects, and they will track how they interact with the link you’ve used. You can monitor how long prospects spent on your link, which offers your sales staff motivation to follow up with those leads. Here is how you can create Smart Links on Sales Navigator. 

Smart Links are links to files, websites, presentations etc. This allows you to track who’s clicked on that smart link. giving your team valuable information about who’s clicked on your link and how long they visited the link. These links work well for lead magnets, reports and replays of past online events. Effective these links will tell you who is interested in your content and what content draws the right attention. 

Combining smart links with your marketing materials gives you a list of leads to follow-up and can dictate your next steps in the sales process. Those who have spent a lot of time on the link are ready to be followed up by yourself or the team. 

  1. Click on Smart Links at the top of the homepage.
  2. Click New Smart Link.
  3. Title your Smart Link 
  4. Add your content. Your content can be a file, (PDF) or a website.
  5. Share your link in an Inmail or message. 

If you want to create a good Smart Link on Sales Navigator you have to ensure the content is right. If your smart link doesn’t attract much attention you won’t have a lot of success using them as a lead generation tool. You need to offer something of value to your target audience. Something they will want to see, a page they will want to visit or a report they will want to read. If you simply put your website as a SmartLink you’ll find the only members who click on your link either be your team or existing prospects who are already far down the sales funnel. 

You need to first create appealing lead magnets based on your audience’s interests. A list of issues that could be slowing down their business. Or an informative report that could help them understand more about their market. Remember content is key when building an effective Smart Link.

Luke Tew

Luke Tew

Head of Digital Media at Maverrik - Developing businesses with content.
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