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How to Confidently Share Your Ideas at Work

Some of the best ideas can come from the quietest people and it’s a shame this brilliance is being missed out on. It can be a struggle to find the confidence to speak up at work, especially when it comes to sharing ideas that could directly impact it. 

The simple answer to this problem is appreciating the value of your idea but, of course, this is easier said than done. So, the next time you are in a team meeting and you feel like you’re about to explode because of an idea that just won’t come out, remember these tips and tricks.



If you don’t feel confident speaking in front of everyone then you can always send your idea via email. We live in the beautiful age of technology that allows shy and introverted people to communicate better than we ever have before. Even just seeing your idea written down can help you decide if it’s worth sharing and hopefully make you realise that you do have ideas that are worth being heard.

Seek Support

If you’re struggling with not only voicing your ideas but unable to decide if they have value then seeking advice from trusted colleagues can help. Whether it is a fellow co-worker or your team leader, talking through your ideas will get you used to share out loud with people. Speaking with people who have been doing the job longer (and will better understand what does and doesn’t work) will make you more confident in your ideas in the future.

Speak More in Smaller Settings

Speaking in situations where there is less pressure will build up your confidence for more ‘stressful’ situations. You can also use this time to bounce ideas off of other people. If you don’t feel like your idea is strong enough to share, find out what other people think about the situation and build your ideas together. Ask people questions to find out how they feel about the way things are. You might be surprised to find out that others feel a similar way about sharing their own ideas.

It’s Your Job!

At the end of the day, this is why you have been employed. Your ideas will be valued regardless of whether or not they are taken on board. Even if your idea doesn’t get used, you will be recognised as someone with incentive and is always thinking about ways to improve the business. Your managers will appreciate your contribution to the team and could even find the inspiration they would not have otherwise if you stayed silent.

Good or bad, spoken or written, share your ideas at work. Always remember that sharing an idea will last a few seconds, but the stress about sharing them could go on for a lot longer. There is no definitive cure for the anxiety speaking up can cause and if you ever feel overwhelmed it’s okay to take a step back. Just remember your ideas are valued.

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