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How to Cancel a LinkedIn Event

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. No matter how much we try to prepare. We’d love everything to go smoothly all the time, that’s just not realistic. When these plans directly affect others, it’s always best to give them a heads-up. It’s the courteous thing to do. That’s why no matter the reason, it’s best to know how to cancel a LinkedIn Event. This way you minimise the disappointment attendees may feel from your event cancellation. Just don’t make a habit of it, okay?

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To Cancel a LinkedIn Event is a permanent and irreversible action. The same applies when you delete a LinkedIn Event. But, you probably already knew that. Regardless, it is always best to be sure you actually wish to cancel the event before you bite the bullet and do it. The last thing you want is to do something you might regret and ultimately mess around your attendees. 

An event organiser can cancel a Linkedin event at any point before it begins. Although, it’s probably worth noting that events hosted on LinkedIn can’t be cancelled after the organiser has started streaming. 

Cancelling a LinkedIn Event

  • Click the Home icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • On the left side panel, click the Dropdown icon next to Events.
  • Click on your Event.
  • Click Manage event near the upper right top of the page.
  • Select Cancel event from the dropdown and confirm.
  • Attendees will be notified that the event has been cancelled. 
  • Event organisers can use the Event feed to post a reason for the cancellation or provide details.

Deleting an Event- Things to know

I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing the difference between cancelling and deleting an event. But there is a clear distinction to be aware of. An organiser can delete an event seven days after it has been cancelled. Or at any time after cancellation if the event had no attendees. Deleting an event on LinkedIn will remove it from LinkedIn, meaning it will be inaccessible to the organiser and attendees. All posts and conversations on the event page will be deleted. 

To Delete a LinkedIn Event

  • Click the Home icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.
  • From the left side panel, click the Dropdown icon next to Events.
  • Click on the name of the event
  • Click Manage event – located in the upper right.
  • Select Delete event and confirm this action.

Now you know how to cancel a LinkedIn event. Then once you’ve managed that, you know how to Delete a LinkedIn Event. 

Congratulations you’re now fully prepared to disappoint your attendees.

Just joking!

Life is unpredictable and there is often a good reason for cancelling even the most anticipated events. It’s easy to be discouraged, but people are more understanding than you might think, so don’t panic. 

Just try not to be a repeat offender. 


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