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How to Appear in Your Target Audiences Notifications featured image

How to Appear in Your Target Audiences Notifications

Getting seen and standing out is the biggest reason anyone implements any marketing strategy. You want to be in front of the right people and inject yourself into their lives. Hence the term disruptive marketing. You interrupt their normal day by injecting whatever you want to sell to your audience. So, through injecting yourself into your target audiences notifications you can start selling your products to them. How is this done? There are many different tactics you can employ, so here are just a few. 


If you put off regular engaging content your audience will make sure they don’t miss out on another post. So, during the end of each piece of content ensure to add a call-to-action at the end of each piece of content. Whether that means leaving a comment or a like all the way up to switching on their notifications. Then, when a fresh piece of content is posted your audience will immediately be notified. Regular posting means regular exposure to you and your company. This is the mantra of a good content marketing strategy. Make sure to form long-life content that draws people in. The end goal is to become a part of your audience’s natural life-cycle. Exercise, eat, enjoy Maverrik content, sleep. 

Everyone has specific tastes and follows certain topics. With enough market research and understanding, you can formulate content which resonates well with your target audience. Fanatics of certain topics will have notifications turned on for any news considering a certain topic. 

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Anniversaries and Birthdays 

Social media sites like LinkedIn regularly contact connections and friends about important dates in your life.  Whether this may be work anniversaries or birthdays. Expect an influx of good wishes from people you may have never contacted before wishing you well.  When you have an important date on the calendar you will appear with the notifications of your connections, so build up those connections with your target audience. Then, you will be greeted with well-wishes from people you are waiting for. 

Engage with your audience

The simplest method of reaching your audience is through engaging with them. If there is a question you can answer, answer it. An opinion they are asking for? Give your audience. Each time you engage with them you will appear in their notifications. Don’t harass them, but engage with the conversation. Easy to do as a person rather than a brand, because who wants to talk to a company over a person online? It can be done, but only with a certain touch. Miss the mark and you’ll know. 

Notifications aren’t everything 

With the number of disruptions notifications cause many people are moving away from having them active. With Facebook itself implementing a “Quiet Mode” to mute notifications. Notifications are great for some quick attention, but enough of them can turn people away from using your services. You need to use natural conversation starters if you want to generate leads. An app telling me there is new content every five minutes is going to be muted fast, so why shouldn’t someone constantly appearing in my notifications on social media be any different? Pick your moment and use notifications wisely. If you’re looking for the right strategy, head over to our digital courses and learn social selling the right way. 



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