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How InMail Credits Work on LinkedIn Sales Navigator featured image

How InMail Credits Work on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Have you ever played on a game machine in an arcade? At the very least we all know the machines require ‘credits’ to play. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a similar system but this one is not about getting the highest score, it’s about growing your network. InMail credits are a valuable commodity when it comes to LinkedIn. However, if you are new to Sales Navigator then you are probably wondering how it all works.

LinkedIn Assessment

Every month, people with a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account will receive InMail credits. Without InMail, you are only able to send messages to your 1st-degree connections. These credits can be used to message people you are not yet connected with on LinkedIn. The date that your receive new InMail credits will coincide with the date that you signed up for Sales Navigator.

Do InMail Credits Expire?

There is no reason to go crazy with your InMail credits because they don’t expire. However, there is a limit to how many credits your account can hold at a single time. As soon as you send an InMail message to someone on LinkedIn a credit is used. If that person responds within 90 days, the credit will be returned to you. This is not the case for messages that do not receive a response at all. Unfortunately, if the recipient does not respond then that credit has been lost. Of course, you could always send another message but keep in mind that three days after the initial message has been sent, the person will receive a notification reminding them that they have an InMail message waiting for them.

Deleting a message will not get you your credit back so don’t try to be sneaky and cheat LinkedIn. Automatic messages from recipients (i.e. “interested”, “maybe later” or “not interested”) will be recognised by LinkedIn as a response and you will receive your credit back.

So, now we have reached the part everyone wants to know…

How many InMail credits can I have with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

  • Sales Navigator Pro: 20 credits
  • Sales Navigator Teams: 30 credits
  • Enterprise: 50 credits

The maximum amount you can have in your account each month is…

  • Sales Navigator Pro: 60 credits
  • Sales Navigator Teams: 90 credits
  • Enterprise: 150 credits.

The number of credits you have left can be checked at any time through your ‘My Premium Page.’

Happy messaging!


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