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Content Bootcamp: Turn Content Into a Sales and Business Growth Tool Featured Image

Content Bootcamp: Turn Content Into a Sales and Business Growth Tool

Content Bootcamp is Maverrik’s 4-week training program to redefine how salespeople use their content for sales, and how business owners can grow their business. Using nothing, but good content and finding the right value. So, let’s take a look at what Content Bootcamp offers and how it can change your business. 


Week 1 – Optimise Your Content

The first week of Content Bootcamp is all about creating your content the right way. If your content isn’t optimised for the platforms it will have an uphill battle in terms of reach and impact. Your content needs to grab the attention of your audience, deliver your message and earn engagement. The first session shows you how to achieve this, no matter the industry or topic. 

Week 2 – Find Your Value

One of the key problems most people have online is the ability to keep their content going. Over time the creativity can waiver. Questions start to pop up such as: 

  • What should I post about today? 
  • Did I already post about this topic? 
  • Will it matter if I don’t post today? 

If you answered no to the last question you’ve already fallen into the trap most people fall into on social media. Once you break the habit of posting it’s all over. 

The reason why consistently posting is hard is because you haven’t found the value of your service or product. The true value you can talk about day-in and day-out without ever running out of ideas. Week 2 of Content Bootcamp shows you to find this value and give you a seemingly never-ending supply of ideas for your content

Week 3 – Leverage Content To Grow Your Network

Content isn’t all about views, likes and comments. It’s also an essential part of growing your network online. You can use it to generate an audience of your target prospects who will not hesitate to connect with you and discuss business. The third session will show you how to leverage content to connect with people and generate an audience. 

Week 4 – Generate More Meetings With Content

Your content can grow your network, sales and your business. But, it’s also the best form of communication to broadcast yourself. You can generate interest with a simple conversation with yourself through your content. By making yourself a credible source within your industry. The final week is where you can put everything you’ve learned together. With your optimised content, offering and network you can begin to generate meetings with your prospects. 

The Content Bootcamp is essentially a powerful social selling strategy you can use to generate more interest, sales and growth for your business. Giving you the success you see on the platform each day. But, it works best for those committed to the implementation. Each week you’ll have a group training session and a small implementation assignment. After these actions, you will see the results you can generate from your content. 

If you’re looking to join the Bootcamp head over to your events page and learn more about The Content Bootcamp. 

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