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Consistent Content – Three Things You Need To Consider

We all know that consistent content is an integral part of any marketing strategy. However, it’s nothing without consistency. You may not realise it, but content without consistency could be detrimental to your businesses success. 

As you start to build your online presence by creating and posting content, you’ll start to build a following that will begin to value you as a source of insight and information. To hold on to this engagement and stand out as a brand, consistency needs to be your new best friend. Here are a few tips that will help you on your journey to consistent content…

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It’s A Date 

Are you guilty of producing and posting content just for the sake of it? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It’s time to get yourself a content plan! Schedules are important for any business and that shouldn’t be any different for your content. Creating a content schedule is the best and easiest way to stay on top of your marketing strategy. Whether you plan a month or a week ahead, you’ll no longer be in a mad rush on a Monday morning to find a motivational quote that is completely unrelated with your brand. When I say a schedule, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have any fun with your content. In fact, I’d advise you to steer away from a schedule jam-packed with business posts. To get a healthy balance, you could do a couple of promotional posts a week and the rest of your content can be focused on keeping your audience informed and engaged. Consistency is key, get yourself a content plan! 

Watch Your Tone

So, you’re now posting on a regular and consistent basis, hoorah! But, have you got a consistent voice and style? These two elements are vital, as they represent and communicate your brand identity and values. Your audience will gain a sense of who you are as a business from how and what you write. If your content has a consistent tone to it, it can build brand trust and credibility, giving people the confidence to buy from you. If you’re sending out mixed messages with your content, your audience could become confused about who you are as a brand and ultimately go elsewhere. It’s not always straightforward to identify what your voice is, but there’s a simple way you can think about it: If your brand had its own voice, what would it sound like? Would it be relaxed, formal, friendly or serious? There might be a few bumps along the way when finding your voice, but once you do, it will be worthwhile! 

Quality Over Quantity

You’ve found your voice, but are you ready to use it properly? It’s time to start producing content that is actually valuable. If the quality of your content isn’t consistent, you might be doing more harm than good to your brand. It’s all well and good you’ve found the funniest video of a dancing dog, but how are you going to make that valuable to your audience? You need that dog to attract the right audience, engage them and get them to take action (I know, that sounds like a lot of work for one dog). Ask yourself this, is your content entertaining, interesting or useful? If it’s not at least one of those, well…you’ve got some work to do! Sometimes you might be lacking inspiration or struggling to come up with fresh content, but with so much to choose from on the internet, there’s always something out there. Then, you’ve just to get your creative hat on and make it into something your consumers will want to see. The format can be anything from videos, articles, images, business posts, podcasts, blog posts and even polls. No matter how good your service is if your content doesn’t reflect that in the right way, you won’t get the engagement you desire. 

So, there you have it. If you consider these three things whilst creating your content, you should be well on your way to success. There may be a few learning curves along the way as you discover more about your brand, your audience and what they’d like to see, but these lessons will ultimately lead you to the perfect consistent content. 


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