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The Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes You Are Making

Nobody is perfect. Why would we want to be? It’s so much more fun being ourselves! However, this doesn’t mean we can go around making careless mistakes, especially ones that are so easily avoided.  LinkedIn is a commonplace where people find themselves digging holes they can’t get out of. Well, I am here to lend a helping hand. Maybe you know you’re making these mistakes but are not sure how to stop. Or, you could be completely unaware and are about to have your eyes opened.

LinkedIn Assessment

What are some of the biggest LinkedIn mistakes?

  • Being inconsistent 
  • Not backing up expertise
  • Sharing too ‘hard sell’ posts
  • Not showing who you really are (this includes your profile picture)

Not Being Consistent

Popping in and out of LinkedIn existence is not as effective as you think. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make you some kind of LinkedIn anomaly people keep an eye out for. Being inconsistent makes you invisible. If you’re not posting regularly then you may as well not be posting at all! Okay, this isn’t strictly true. A few posts once in a while is a little better than none at all but you will definitely not be getting anywhere close to the interaction regular posts get. 

Just because you don’t have the time to post every single day doesn’t mean you can’t post on a regular schedule. Consistency works in harmony with the LinkedIn algorithm. Your connections are much more likely to encounter your posts on their feed if they appear around the same time on a consistent basis.

Mixing Up Business and Engagement Posts

Yes, LinkedIn is used by businesses owners wanting to grow both their network and businesses. So, this should be the only way you utilise the platform, right? Wrong! Just like any other social media platform, people react much more to genuine and relatable posts. This doesn’t mean that every single post needs to be something topical and catchy. You just don’t want to tip the scale too much either way.

A good mixture between posts about your business or products and your own interests or things you think other people will find interesting is key. LinkedIn mistakes aren’t just how you’re approaching the platform, but how you’re using the tools themselves. You have to generate interest. Your business posts will hook the people who are actively shopping for your service and your engagement posts will cover the rest.

Backing Up Your Expertise

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share your industry knowledge and experience. However, spouting random facts and statics without any backup is likely to get ignored. You need to prove to people what you are saying is true. You know you’re an expert in your field but your connections don’t. It’s all about showing and not telling.

Just asking someone to trust you is never going to work and that is practically what you are doing when you provide no evidence for the claims you’re making. Share industry stories or testimonials from your clients. Not only does this put credibility to your name but it also breaks down the corporate wall between you and your connections. 

This brings me to my last point…

Not Showing Who You Really Are

Possibly one of the biggest LinkedIn mistakes everyone makes on any social media platform is not being authentic. A lot of people have been fed false information that LinkedIn is only for boring, business types. This could not be further from the truth!

Businesses owners are people just like everyone else. You have likes and dislikes. You have hobbies and interests. Share this side of yourself with your network. The beauty of social media is that it allows people to take a much more personalised approach to business. Your connections can tell when things are being forced or will have no interest in people who appear two dimensional. 

People want to know the faces behind the business. Literally. Make sure your profile picture is professional but approachable. You want both your profile and your posts to invite people in.


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