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Becoming an Influencer in just one hour

It’s amazing to think that a keyboard has the ability to change your life and all you need to do is hit the buttons in the correct order. With it you can become an Influencer in as little time as an hour a day. All you need to do is set yourself up correctly and you will have the ability to change the lives of countless clients, partners and business owners. So how do you do it? 

Consistently Update Yourself

The world changes quickly and the online world will change even faster than this. So you need to be constantly looking outwards for the next big thing. Then look inwards and tailor it to your approach. Not everyone is going to love your style forever. Therefore you need to transform your look every-so-often. A brand update can go a long way for gaining new clients, building your business and showcase yourself and forward-thinking. 


Use the Social Golden Hour

Countless experts, gurus and marketing moguls will let you know for free that the time of day you post is important. It’s the simplest advice we can give. When you post is important. You want to post when everyone is online and searching for content. These social “golden hours” consist of early mornings, later afternoons and slow points of the weekend. The weekend can be largely hit-or-miss so you’ll want to focus on weekdays getting started. 

Thanks to social media algorithms changing your hour could look a lot different than others. You need to check your results regularly to understand when your audience is online and where your window of opportunity lies. 

Create a routine

You will become an influencer for as little as one hour in your day if you have the right routine. A simple daily routine can look like this: 

  • Wake Up 
  • Source + Create news / content
  • Share your thoughts and views with your audience
  • Engage with comments 
  • Go about your day 

Your content is going to be the defining factor of your success so creating a bank of content to use for each morning ahead of time can save you a lot of time and give you a good boost of engagement if done correctly. Some “influencers” fake this engagement for brand deals and recognition.

Of course, your routine doesn’t always have to start at the beginning of each day, but it’s proven that posting early in the morning is useful for maximising engagement as many people start the morning by scrolling through social media to get ahead of what they may have missed whilst sleeping. 

You could implement schedulers, but many social media platforms aren’t fond of these tools being used on their platforms. It also removes your ability to engage with people as they interact with your content. The period between posting and the tail end of your engagement is vital to your growth. Social media automation itself goes against LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebooks terms of service. You can read more about that here. 
A lot of people struggle to achieve the figures they are looking for which is why training sessions can help navigate areas where many people trip up. At the end of the day, it’s patience and planning which help you achieve what you are looking for. Your journey to becoming the influencer will be shaped by your struggles and victories. So learn from each day and build upon yourself and your content. Giving one hour of your day to posting, reviewing and learning will make you a thought leader before you know it.

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