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Why Should You Avoid Aggressive Automation On LinkedIn Featured Image

Why Should You Avoid Aggressive Automation On LinkedIn?

Automation on LinkedIn can still be found, especially when it comes to the return on time investment. It’s tempting to set up a robot and just sit back and count the connection requests sent. But, LinkedIn doesn’t want a bunch of robots communicating with each other, they want professionals. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right. This is why you should avoid aggressive automation on LinkedIn. 

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Template Messages Are Easy To Spot 

If you’re looking to keep off LinkedIn’s automation radar you have to be smart about it. You can’t go out there and set a bot to speak with thousands of people using the same message. These templates are easy to spot. So, change the message right? Tailor it to the prospect? You’re right. With personalised messages, you get a greater response rate and LinkedIn won’t see your account as spamming people’s inboxes. If you take this step though, there is truly no point in automating your activity. You will already be putting in enough effort to generate results. 

You Can Lose Track Of Your Activity

Let’s play out a scenario, you create a message campaign, run it to all your connection and get a great response rate. Everyone wants to talk with you about your service. Great right? Well yes and no. If you can’t keep up with the follow-up messages your campaign will actually create more harm than good. What’s wrong with being ignored? Having a prospecting message you are interested in your services and you missing it because of the sheer amount of activity in your inbox. Even a templated response automation can’t factor in all your responses and could lead to some awkward scenarios. 

Bots Can’t Replace Real Engagement 

Just like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. bot likes and comments can make a post look active, but it won’t have the same effect as natural engagement. It can skew your results, give you a false impression of what’s working and you won’t be able to expand your audience if they’re buried under robotic comments. If you’re using LinkedIn to grow a business, tracking your activity and piecing together what works for your niche is more important than high engagement figures. 

Your Account Will Be Banned 

The most obvious answer in this article. But, it’s the greatest risk you can take with your profile. All the connections you’ve made up until this point. All the messages, linking company pages etc. All lost. Not only that, but you have to explain to everyone you try and reconnect with why you were banned and why you’re trying to reach out again. It makes you look silly and wastes time having the same conversations over and over again. 

LinkedIn themselves are looking to improve their platforms, but that doesn’t mean it will release what all lead generation and salespeople want. A way to connect with thousands of prospects at the push of a button. Their focus is on creating a social media presence that helps professionals on the site connect and interact with each other. With a key focus on content and collaboration. LinkedIn automation is on their radar and they are tackling it and removing exploits, so be aware.


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