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A Guide To Renewing a Premium Account After A Free Trial featured image

A Guide To Renewing a Premium Account After A Free Trial

Do you have a LinkedIn premium subscription free trial? If you signed up for it via LinkedIn directly, you will receive a reminder as you approach the end of your trial. Here is a quick guide to renewing a premium account after a free trial.

LinkedIn Assessment

This is to let you know that it’s coming to an end. Letting you expect an upcoming charge to your card seven days prior to the auto-renewal via email. 

Regardless of whether you’d like to cancel or continue, you will be automatically charged with the payment option you provided. This will happen one month from the date you signed up. 

If you’re wanting to renew a premium account after a free trial, make sure that your billing information is up to date within 5 days of your renewal date. Otherwise it’s back onto a Basic account,

If your billing information is correct, as your free trial ends, your free trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription. This will be exactly one month from the signup date. Billing cycles are based on the date and time subscriptions are activated. LinkedIn’s In Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). 

Finally, to recap…

  1. You’ll recieve an email that your trial is ending. 
  2. Update outdated billing information within 5 days after renewing. 
  3. One month from the date you signed up, your free trial will automatically renew to a Premium Account

However, subscription services must tell you when they will automatically renew. This helps crackdown on unintentional purchases, helping people track their personal finances in a better way. If you’re worrying about LinkedIn Premium automatically renewing the service, make sure to put it in your diary a few days before the renewal. Or, simply cancel straight away and enjoy your free trial. Otherwise, you can just start up your trial, keep it running and reap the rewards. Alternatively, there are different variations of LinkedIn subscriptions. Don’t limit yourself to LinkedIn Premium. There is Sales Navigator, Recruiter and Professional all with their own tools.


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