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5 Steps to Improve Your Search Views on LinkedIn

 If you do not have a profile yet, or if you already have a profile but it is a little bit old, then this is an ideal place where you can start off to optimise your profile. There are a few tricks that can ensure your profile appears in more searches on LinkedIn, so your competitors don’t appear above you. Here are the 5 steps to improve your search views on LinkedIn.

Step 1 – Update your profile often 

This is a key to search engine optimisation. You need to make sure that your profile is up to date with your current position and what you have to offer. You can change your banner and featured media to keep up with current offers and promotions. Or use title changes to target certain search terms. 


Step 2 – Use Keywords

Be sure that you are using your keywords as much as possible. Remember that search engines are mainly looking for keywords that can help them to rank your profile. Looking at what people are searching for and matching that to the profile. If you keep your headline too brief with a simple “Director” you won’t appear in many searches. Those that describe their role, company and what they offer works much better. 

Step 3 – Use Engagement 

An active profile will help tell LinkedIn that your profile is worth viewing. You help the social network by keeping your people invested in your content and updates. Then, you’ll be rewarded with search results. Post content regularly, comment on posts and generate discussions. If you are an active member of the site, LinkedIn will prefer to promote your name over others. 

Step 4 – Complete Your Profile

All-star profiles will perform better on search results than those which aren’t. If you are an intermediate look at what you can do to your profile to hit that “All-Star”. You’ll soon see the difference it makes for SEO on LinkedIn. One of the most overlooked features is writing the biography. Ensure it’s brief, informative and not written like a CV. It’s meant to be a personal profile so avoid speaking like someone other than yourself has created the profile. This doesn’t help with SEO, but a general tip to improve how your profile is viewed. 

Step 5 – Keep it Simple 

Make your profile easy to read and easy to navigate. You need to make sure that your profile is easy for people to use so that they can easily find your profile whenever they need it. If you make your keywords complicated, or your biography an essay people will tune off rather quickly. 

Finally, make sure that you put out all the information about yourself that you can. You can also include relevant links that people can click on so that they can know more about you. Just make sure that the links in your profile do not turn into spam or anything else that might turn off some people.

Improving your search views on LinkedIn ensures you that people are visiting your profile. You have to keep these metrics in mind if you want to improve the reach you have with your target audience.

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