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5 Reasons You Need To Register for Optimise Your Profile Free Training featured image

5 Reasons You Need To Register for Optimise Your Profile Free Training

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile there are a number of things that you can get wrong. These will affect your sales performance. A lot seem simple, but you can miss some key elements which could be the reason you are underperforming on the platform. We’ve created a free training event online which can help you optimise your profile. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should register. 

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1. It Will Improve Your Profile Views 

There is no doubt that having more profile views means more success on the platform. With more members viewing your profile your sales message is being spread even further and your brand is becoming more noticed on the platform. But, we’ll get to that later. There is a lot you can learn from your profile views and the greater the figure, the more you can learn. Some premium features also allow you to see the full list of who is viewing your profile and what company they are from. Here you can target leaders from your dream clients. The main goal of any LinkedIn profile is an increase in profile views. Optimise Your Profile free training will show you the techniques for gaining more profile views. 

2. You Can Appear In More Searches

With your dashboard, you can see the number of searches you have appeared in. This feature shows what search term you have appeared under and lets you understand what your target audience is searching for. If you appear in the wrong searches however it means your profile is attracting the wrong people. This could be due to the keywords being wrong within your title or bio. All this can be rectified, but you need to know why you are appearing in those search results and how you can appear in search results right for you. All of which is taught throughout the Optimise Your Profile Free Training session. 

3. Learn How To Inspire Authenticity

A profile that looks like it’s been automatically generated by an AI isn’t going to inspire many sales leads. This is because people want to know they are talking to a real person. A real person which is the leader in their industry and has the knowledge they are looking for. In short, your profile needs to inspire authenticity. There are several techniques to do this and they all revolve around your profile. What you’re saying and how you choose to represent yourself on LinkedIn. We teach these techniques during the Optimise Your Profile Free Training session.

4. Increase Your Brand Awareness

Marketing and sales have a symbiotic relationship in social selling. When you increase your brand reach online it opens up a lot more opportunities for you to generate leads and interest in your products or services. The Optimise Your Profile Free Training session will help increase your profiles strength on the platform leading to greater views and more brand awareness. There are plenty of opportunities to share your brand on LinkedIn whether it’s through designing your profile banner and company page or through using branded content to drive people to your profile. 

5. Optimise Your Profile Will Increase Your Connections

If you’re looking for a deeper connection pool on LinkedIn optimising your profile is the way to go. If you make your profile appealing and inspire confidence in who you are and your actions you’ll be able to grow your connections effectively. There won’t be many members who will say no to connecting with you if they know who you are and what you can offer. If the Optimise Your Profile Free Training session you’ll be able to learn all the right methods for inspiring confidence, growing your figure and increasing your connections. 

You can register for the Optimise Your Free Training on our Events section or by simply following this link. This is the perfect opportunity for you to create a LinkedIn page that converts passing prospects to real paying clients. All you have to do is attend the free session, take some notes and take action. 


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