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4 Simple Ways To Achieve More Engagement

No one wants to be left out in the cold. If you’ve ever spent hours and hours choosing the right words to articulate your point. Working hard on designing the perfect image, or filming hundreds of vlogs for the perfect take just to get zero engagement. Don’t worry it wasn’t your delivery sometimes you need the right strategy to get started on the right foot. So, here is a simple way to achieve more engagement. 

Timing is Key

Just because you’re awake at 6 am doesn’t mean your audience will be. There are particular times of day which will give you the best engagement. For LinkedIn early mornings, catching people at lunch and late afternoon works the best. If you’re looking for a more accurate time which best works for your audience make sure you’re reviewing your engagement and experimenting with the analytic tools. Your biggest audience may be abroad so you’ll have to change your posting habits to reflect this. Many UK Youtubers release their videos at 10 pm to take advantage of an American audience.


Build an Audience

After you’ve nailed down the best time to post, you’ll start building an audience if you keep posting frequently. Keeping a schedule will give your audience the ability to anticipate your next piece of content and lookout for it. If more people see your content when it’s fresh it’ll achieve more engagement quickly and boost the post. Becoming a part of your audiences lives with your content is a marketing dream as you’ve become just as integral to their mornings, lunches or nights as breakfast, lunch or supper… Do people still use supper anymore? 


When one post becomes a hit and you’ve had more engagement than ever before there comes a small window of opportunity. If you’re consistent with your content quality you’ll be able to generate momentum with each post. Increasing your figures and improving your average engagement count. You can use this engagement wave to help kickstart your sales efforts or keep the momentum going to build a larger audience. 

Momentum is the most important element of achieving more engagement as starting fresh again and again is challenging. You’ll fade back into the shadows if you start posting and generating interest only to fall off the edge of the world for a month. All that momentum will be lost and you’ll be back at the beginning of your journey. 

Generate Discussion 

I am nearly 100% sure that some accounts were only created just to post controversial opinions or unfortunately trolling other accounts. There are ethical ways to generate discussions without relying on polarising, sweeping statements begging to be argued. Remember if there is any topic online it can and will be debated online. It’s all about creating the most beneficial discussion for your audience. Talk about an annoying issue that could be solved with your services or simply have a light-hearted discussion about your daily life. There are always going to be conflicting opinions, so as long as it’s a proper discussion and not a keyboard argument you’re post will benefit. 

If you want to achieve more engagement you need to ensure that you’re giving it your all to be consistent and implement a solid content strategy. If you’re looking for results, the simplest way is to get started as soon as you can. 

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