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5 Working From Home Tips That Will Help Your Productivity

Working from home can be challenging in many ways, as no one is on the same playing field when it comes to the conditions. There will be distractions, technological workarounds and even communication issues that can stop you from getting the work done. So, here are some essential tips to consider when working from home. 

Make Your Working Space Separate From Your Living Space 

There are areas within your house that stay sacred to you. These could be your home computer space, the living room sofa or even a secluded part of your home free from the noise. What you don’t want to do is make your space a workspace because it’s your go-to spot for relaxing. You’ll soon find yourself too relaxed or distracted to get the job done. Or, you’ll find yourself left with no place to power down at the end of the day. Yes, you can even burn out at home. 

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Keep Communication Channels Open

Working from home can be an isolating experience so a good tip is to stay connected to your team. Organise daily calls that keep everyone updated on the work you’re completing and the progress you’re making. This is a great way to show some growth and progression within your team and motivate people to do their best. You can also organise get-togethers or breaks to help with loneliness and fatigue. Even the least social members of the team need a quick check-in from time to time to feel a little bit more human. Even if those don’t take up the offer, the fact that those get-togethers are there is a welcoming thought. So everyone understands the business cares about their mental health. 

Working Hours 

It can be tempting to get more housework done or spend time with loved ones, but there is still a necessity for the job to be done and projects are given the right amount of attention. Make sure those around you are aware of your working schedule. For parents, this may include setting boundaries for your children to give you the time you need. This can be tough if the children don’t have school work of their own. If you’re struggling with this, ensure to voice your concerns and needs with your team or your manager to find a schedule that works for everyone. 

Dress For Success 

Although the prospect of getting all dressed up with nowhere to go sounds like a bad experience if you wear clothes that make you feel ready to take on the world you’ll get more done. Trying to get the same work done wearing your PJ’s is going to be an uphill battle. Mentally you’ll always be back in bed. So take some time to wear those clothes that you’d see in your day-to-day at the office.

Practice Makes Perfect 

The future of the working week is unclear. Before working from home became “the new normal” there were plenty of entrepreneurs and remote workers getting the job done. How they got that far is due to experience. Take a lesson from those home workers and give yourself some time to adapt. Not every role in the world requires dedicated office space. We’ve adapted to delivering a service that suits our own needs whilst facilitating the work. If you’re struggling with your motivation and work, just give yourself a break to adjust. Don’t be afraid of the struggle. Understand that in enough time you’ll be able to find the pattern that works best for you. 

These Working from Home Tips Are All About Mental Fortitude

Most of the problems with home working come from the mental struggle of separating home life from your working life. So this working from home essential tip list is all about breaking through those mental battles. If you understand how your body works and what motivates you, you need to turn that feeling to the max. It’s going to be hard, but manageable. So, keep pushing forwards. 


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