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if you talk about yourself too much it has a negative effect. This is why you shouldn’t just post about your business Featured Image 

Why You Shouldn’t Just Post About Your Business

When you post to build and grow your business it’s only natural that you want to highlight your services. Posting content about what makes you unique and why people should work with you. But, if you talk about yourself too much it has a negative effect. This is why you shouldn’t just post about your business. 

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Advertising Blindness

When you promote your business with content plastered in logos and brand colours over and over again your audience catch on pretty quickly. They see these posts as advertisements and learn to block them out. Naturally scrolling passed anything that looks promoted or boosted by advertising. Why? These posts want you to purchase. Knowing that’s the goal, your audience, who are not looking to buy anything, will scroll past. No one is on social media to buy anything outright. Especially if your business is B2B. It takes time to grow and nurture a relationship for a sale. So posting content that looks like ads will lead to people ignoring you. 

It Hurts Your Engagement

Business posts don’t really have anything that compels interaction. You’ll get a couple of fans if you’re lucky to express how much they like you or your services, but you won’t generate much of a conversation. This is why we use engagement posts to build up engagement on our profiles. This engagement can then be shouldered onto your business posts to give them greater visibility and reach. Nearly all algorithms online, especially on social media reward dwell time and engagement. You don’t get a lot of this on business posts than simply promote. This is why we sandwich engagement posts and business posts. You shouldn’t just post about your business as you won’t have any engagement to help boost these posts, leaving them to struggle on the feed. 

You’ll Look Like a Robot

Personal brands help businesses grow by attaching personalities and success stories to those people and their companies as a result. If your account looks like it’s run by a robot this could have a negative impact on your business as it shows a lack of ethics in your marketing. Doing anything and everything to get attention looks desperate. Desperate businesses are a red flag for anyone on the outside looking in. Using robots to boost traction looks desperate, so you have to make sure you’re looking as authentic as possible. What doesn’t look authentic is the same account sharing the same business post over and over again without any added commentary or personality. 

What Should You Post Online To Generate Business? 

You shouldn’t just post about your business. You should post about your work life, how you’ve improved, the challenges you’re facing, and how you’ve helped people overcome similar challenges. Anything that shows you’re a real authentic person looking to improve the lives of your clients. These posts show character and will improve your personal brand. That brand and reputation will do more for your business than a hundred business posts combined. 


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