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Why Listening Is A Crucial Selling Skill featured image

Why Listening Is A Crucial Selling Skill

Listening is a crucial selling skill when it comes to closing a sale with a client or a customer. Not just your average listening either – actively listening. Nobody likes to be hit with a torpedo of sales talk right off the bat. In actively listening to what a client needs, you can tailor your approach to close the sale more efficiently. It also helps to cultivate a relationship to encourage repeat business and strengthen your brand’s reputation. 

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Do You Understand?

If you’re not actively listening to what somebody is saying to you then you’re not going to really ‘understand’. Don’t initiate conversations with only the sale in mind. See it as a conversation you would have with anybody new you’re meeting. 

In getting to know a bit about them you’re going to be able to tailor your sales approach more effectively. Jumping straight to the finish is immediate grounds for shutting down the conversation and shows that in fact, you haven’t been listening at all. 

Getting wrapped up in your own agenda won’t see positive results and you’ll both leave the conversation frustrated or disheartened. You’ve also closed off any chance of a professional relationship with this person further down the line. Don’t jump the gun and hurt your reputation and brand image in the process. Learning to be patient is another vital selling skill.

Instead of walking into a conversation with the sole intent of convincing someone to sell, show an interest in what they have to say. Talking to a brick wall of sales talk isn’t exactly inspiring and won’t push someone to want to make a purchase. 

Put out the feelers. Ask the other person questions. Ask them about their business. As you listen, listen out for any problems or frustrations that become apparent to you. This is where you can then begin to open a dialogue as to the solution you can offer to their pain points. 

Listening and Understanding as a Selling Skill

Listen and understand. Motivations, frustrations and goals will all become clear. Simultaneously, you’ll begin to see the full scope of what you have to offer that person and opportunities that may present themselves in the future. 

Whilst this may seem like a complete diversion from the stereotypical trope of a chatty salesman saying all the right things, the results that active listening affords you will show you why it’s worth it. 


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