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Why Email Marketing Works With Social Selling Featured Image

Why Email Marketing Works With Social Selling

Email marketing and social selling seem removed from each other as two separate channels, but social selling actually works extremely well in feeding your email marketing activity. This is why email marketing works with social selling. 


Building Your Email List

Your social selling activities will actually feed your email marketing lists by leveraging downloads, webinars and events to add more and more people to your list. The more people you connect with and lead with valuable assets the wider your email marketing list can become. As long as you ensure your email marketing strategy is solid you can communicate your message on both channels. Increasing your touch points and ability to convert. 

Multiple Channels Of Communication 

We all have our preferred method of communication. We’re easier to get ahold of with different channels. Email might get a response in a couple of hours, social a couple of minutes and direct messaging a couple of seconds. Understanding the best place to reach people is how you’ll make sure your follow-ups won’t get ignored or put on hold if they’re urgent. You won’t let an important message up to chance. When you employ social selling and marketing you’ll start to see what channel yields the best results for your audience. So you can drop important and urgent news in one channel and more in-depth analysis marketing pieces on another. 

It Shows You’re Real 

Unfortunately on social anyone can make a profile and pretend to be a CEO of a company offering the world. Some platforms, well most, have a problem with bots in one shape or another. Moving off social and into email marketing shows a level of marketing that most bots don’t employ. Bots want mass numbers, not strategic marketing and sales methods. By moving to email marketing alongside social selling you’ll be able to instil that trust that you are who you say you are. So they can trust you and your offering is a legitimate person looking to do business. 

Driving Traffic 

Both of these methods can drive traffic to each other. You can build your list and newsletters using social and you can drive engagement to posts using your email marketing. They work in tandem very well. Both can also drive a lot of traffic to your website and grow your organic reach. All of this motion directed at your value pieces will further showcase to your prospects you’re worth the time to talk with. From there you can send back-and-forth emails or approach them on social. 

Email marketing should be a part of your marketing and sales process. Working in tandem with your social selling strategies you’ll have a winning formula for driving new business. 


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