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What’s The Meaning Of Content?

The meaning of the content is something that has been debated by a lot of people over the years. The term content has exploded in the last 10 years and now means a variety of different things depending on who you talk to. So, let’s dive into it, what even is content? 

I’ll be honest, even as the head of content for Maverrik I sometimes get tired of the word content because it has such a broad meaning it can lose all its glimmer. From video content to these articles, content is everything. But, it’s also a word that a lot of strategists hone in on. 

Content Marketing 

At one time or another, I have always found myself wondering about the meaning of the content in terms of search engine optimization and how it fits into the overall strategy. Since written content is such a big part of Search Engine Optimisation. Once again the word content encompasses a lot, but breaking it down content marketing is more than blogs. 

A content marketing strategy could come in the form of video, images and blog posts all rolled into one. With the emphasis on what is being made and when it’s posted. For example, a Christmas content marketing campaign could formulate a whole month of posts revolving around the holiday season. The content itself could be a recipe for mulled wine. Now the content isn’t just the campaign itself. The content is the image of the wine. It’s also the video tutorial of the recipe and the blog post with the full instructions on how to create it. 

The strategy would be when and how you post it. The video could have the link to the recipe, which takes people to your blog. On your blog, you’ll have advertisements for your products and services. Just make sure your content vaguely matches up with what you’re offering. No one has thought to themselves, “you know what would go well with this mulled wine? A Mortgage advisor”. 


Sourcing Your Content

There are two types of content. One is the “natural” content and the other is known as “purchased” content. Natural content includes any piece of media you create about anything related to what your product or service is about. 

Another type of content is known as “purchased” content because it is something that someone else has created and has placed on a website. This content has been created by the publisher and it is placed online. Companies can then purchase the rights to publish content as they wish. In most cases, they will approach the individual online and simply ask to use the video. 

Just a simple recap, natural content has been created by you or for you, purchased content is content that exists and brought to distribute. Most purchased content is the spur of the moment videos online through social media. You’ll see many people share these videos on their personal profiles online, so the original poster can be easily lost in the fray. Be aware when purchasing content online, it’s more than likely that the person selling you the content isn’t the original owner. 

Content That Converts 

Creating content that converts is all about understanding your audience. What gets them to take action. How do you create an idea in their heads that you have the solution to their problem? Well, you create content that does just that. First, you have to get seen. You will want to create content that is rich in keywords, but not too many keywords. Just enough to get in front of the right people. Your content needs to have a certain amount of importance. Too many keywords will confuse them. So make sure that your content is unique and provides a good reason for your visitors to come to your website.

Next, take a common problem your audience faces and highlight the issue. What is the worst possible scenario that could occur? If you leave your shoes untied you could fall down the stairs and break your arm. Being unable to work you’ll end up facing major financial problems. You’ll have to sell your precious collection of valuable football stickers. Now, that’s a silly example, but in practice, it works. The action in that example to get the reader to look at their shoes, from here the content can pivot. Selling self-lacing shoes, or maybe non-slip shoes that will never come loose once fastened. 

So, What Is The Meaning of Content? 

Content keeps the audience engaged and informed. But, it’s also a great way to keep people entertained and motivated. Content is all media, and in business, it’s the best tool a marketer can have. The word content is just the banner for everything media. Content is articles, pictures of your cat, videos of your family, infographics about the recent Brexit breakdowns. It’s everything. 

So, use your content to speak to the world. Create and inform.

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