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What To Do When Your Business Content Is Ignored

There is nothing worse than being ignored and businesses online are regularly ignored due to their nature. People don’t want to be sold to. After countless hours of advertising every day, you need something more to gain attention as a business. So what can you do when your business content is being ignored? 

Learn from Viral Content

There is no doubt that the internet plays by its own rules, but there are similar patterns that can occur when it comes to content. A particular clip gets popularised by an influencer or on a website that spills throughout social media and trends worldwide. Why? Most of the time nobody knows for sure where, why or how a clip goes viral. Other times you can see the pattern. 

There is a difference between learning and copying. So many brands try to cash in on a meme or a trend and end up looking silly. So, make sure you know how to use a certain trend correctly before diving into it. Using an old meme is a first-class ticket for your business content to be ignored. Also, understand your audience. If they aren’t interested in the latest trends you’ll need to look at what they are interacting with and find a way to use that. 

Viral content can be created to create awareness and web traffic for a certain topic or business. However, the viral effect is much more than just about getting more visitors to your site; it’s also about the overall impression that your content has on your target market. It is important to ensure that when you post your content, it is well-written, interesting, engaging, and relevant to the specific topic that you are marketing.

LinkedIn Assessment

Variety is Important

You have many different methods to use when learning how to create viral content. One popular method recently is through short-form content. LinkedIn has recently implemented their own  “stories” platform similar to stories from Instagram. To increase the variety of content a user can create. Also, to capitalise on the trend of short-form content. 

Ensure you’re using video, images and stories to give your audience every opportunity to view and engage with your content the way they want. A social media manager or content marketing team will be able to develop your content and strategy moving forwards. If you use the same content over and over again your business content will be ignored after the second re-post. 

The key is to develop campaigns, a recognisable style and consistently put something out there. 


There are several advantages to using multiple social media sites to boost your content’s exposure. First, these sites allow you to post your content to as many social networks as you want. The more you post on multiple platforms, the more chances you have of attracting an audience. Second, you are exposed to a huge cross-section of the population that could potentially make a purchase or sign up for your mailing list. 

Many business owners spend a lot of time creating quality content and then posting it only to the social networks that they understand. When your content spreads across these networks, you are bound to see a spike in traffic for wherever you want to lead your audience, as each form of content will have the same call to action.


Now, when you are learning how to create viral content, remember to only post articles and content related to your site and/or business. If you are promoting a business opportunity, you should never post any affiliate links or products related to different companies; instead, focus on information and testimonials.

Make sure that all contact information is properly set up and included on each of your social pages. Second, you will need to post new content and keep your posts interesting and relevant.

Finally, make sure that all of your content is original and relevant. In other words, don’t just write about things that have already been written on other blogs, websites, or news publications.

If you want to make sure your business content isn’t ignored, I recommend asking yourself, “would I engage with this post?” If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board. If the answer is yes! Then take that content and use it across all the social media channels you know, tailoring it to the platform. With enough patience and creativity, it’ll be impossible to be ignored. 


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