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Want to keep your audience interested? Here's How. featured image

Want to keep your audience interested? Here’s How.

What makes people successful on social media? 

Seeing people thrive on social media evokes the question: ‘How do they do it?’ 

Is it luck? Or do they have access to tricks that you’re yet to get access to? 

I’ll let you in on their secret…

It’s all about content. 

If you’re looking to keep your audience interested and boost engagement, here’s how.

Varied Content

Successful social media users vary the types of social posts that they make. 

If you scroll through the feed of a successful social media user, you’ll quickly pick up that not every post links to a product they’re selling.

The content is varied, from news posts to conversation starters. 

Just posting about a product is unlikely to gain traction, as people don’t tend to enjoy being sold to.

So, what should you post instead? 

Types of Posts

If you shouldn’t put all your focus on what you’re selling, what posts will do well? 

In short, mix it up! 

Different kinds of posts will perform differently, but it’s always worth trying things out from time to time.

Here are some ideas for posts: 

  • Product posts – These kinds of posts won’t necessarily build up your audience, but still, take the opportunity to promote your products from time to time. 
  • Engagement posts – Engagement posts should pique your followers’ interest. People like to be kept up-to-date with what happens around them. This includes news/trending posts as they’re a fantastic way to encourage engagement. 
  • Visuals – People love visual social media. Most posts, no matter the type, should include some form of social image. However, you will notice a decreasing return on your social investment if you merely add images for the sake of it, so make sure they’re relevant! 
  • Personal posts – Your audience wants to see the human side of the business. They want to ensure that they are not dealing with corporate drones – they are interested in the personalities behind the company. Potential customers find it much easier to relate to a human face. 
  • Behind the scenes – People love to see behind the scenes! This is just as relevant to a factory, an office, or even the making of a major motion picture. Your audience will feel as if they’re a part of something they shouldn’t be, making it all the more exciting. 
  • Polls – If you can think of a relevant question for your audience, you could create a poll as an excellent way to improve your engagement. This is particularly the case if you can think of a relevant, but contentious, topic. 

Anything Else?

Content makes all the difference, but it’s crucial that you also engage with your audience. 

Once you start receiving comments or messages based on your content, ensure you take the time to interact. 

Interacting with your audience is a fantastic way to build relationships with other users, and potentially secure a sale sometime in the future. 

How to Keep Your Audience Interested…

Keeping your audience interested on social media isn’t necessarily an easy task, but there are ways to make engagement more likely to happen. 

To summarise, these are the kinds of posts that will boost your engagement and keep your audience:

  • Product Posts
  • Engagement Posts
  • Visuals
  • Personal Posts
  • Behind the Scenes Posts
  • Polls

Give it a go, mix up your content and watch as people flock to your posts. 

It’s worth a go, right?

Frances Bullock

Frances Bullock

Social Media Content Writer. Just your average spooky girl who loves cows and David Bowie.

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