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The Art of the Upsell

Upselling can be a stressful process, as you don’t want to deter your current clients from your current services. There is an art to the upsell. You need to be able to find the gap in your current service and provide another additional service or product to fill that need. Here is how you can master the art of upselling your business. 

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Building attention 

The introduction to your business can come in many different forms. Prospects could have stumbled upon you via Google or simple saw you post a relevant piece of information on Social Media. Bringing people into your business can be a lengthy process and is the key goal for most marketing departments in a business. Maintaining that attention is how you can achieve the upsell opportunity that lays dormant. Especially if that introduction piece is a smaller priced lead magnet, like an eBook or discovery call.

Some of the best clients will be dormant prospects that have kept with your business through it all and finally decide to take your services further. You need to be constantly with your messaging, keep posting valuable content and build on the attention of your prospects. From there you can land a new client and keep them interested, leading to an upsell opportunity. 

Listening To The Needs of Your Clients

You won’t get very far if you don’t listen to your clients. You can even lose a lot of them by peddling unnecessary services that aren’t relevant to them. It alienates them from you. Instead, look for opportunities through the conversations with them. Are they complaining about a certain element of their lives where you could help? 

This doesn’t mean you should offer them something completely different to what service you provide. If they’re complaining about a certain service and you can intervene, offer them something extra and turn their gripes into opportunities. You can upsell any client by first listening to what they need and solving their problems. 

Upsell Doesn’t Mean Resell 

Raising your prices doesn’t count as an upsell if your clients decide to stick it out with your business. Unless you’re offering something extra then it’s just a cost your clients are absorbing and they will see it that way. You need to have a larger offering and put in the extra work if you’re looking to achieve a good upsell. This means putting everything above into practice. Build attention, listen to your audience and fill in the gaps. If your business is flexible enough you can create some lifelong clients that will fall in love with your offerings. 

Upselling is an attractive word as it implies the salesperson has gone above and beyond to get the prospect over the line and then some. In many ways this is right, but there is so much more to the process than simply offering more. You need to be fully aware of your prospects situation and stance on your business. This takes a lot of social awareness and sales ability to seek out those upsell opportunities and pursue them.


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