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Taking a Course Online: What To Look Out For featured image

Taking a Course Online: What To Look Out For

There has been a flurry of online courses appearing online. With everyone learning new skills from the comfort of their own homes a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners are looking to upskill. But, not every course is built the same. Here are a few things to look out for when taking a course online. 

What Promises are Being Made 

You can tell when a guru or expert may be a bit sketchy when they start sprouting figures and promises of fame and glory without any real evidence. If there is a distinct lack of actual testimonials or recommendations from past users, who don’t have anything to gain, then you can tell all those promises won’t live up to your expectations. All you’ll be left with is an empty bank account and frustration. So, keep an eye on what is being offered. If the offer is backed with a why, how and a when, then you can move forwards with your next idea. 


The Amount of Support 

Some courses let you get on with it by providing all the tools and videos from the start allowing you to learn at your own pace. Others will give you support throughout the learning experience. If your taking a course online based on strategy and implementation, then this support will be an essential element of the course. It’s important to feel like you understand where each next step will take you. Without this support, it can be easy to forget about the process and even forget what you’ve learnt. When you’re looking at starting a course make sure you understand who will be guiding you through the course and what support they will offer before, during and after the course. 

Course Materials

Some online courses offer multiple examples, workbooks and videos for members to digest. If you need a visual aid or work better with a checklist look at what materials the course offers. There is nothing worse than feeling underwhelmed with what you pay for. Some coaches offer different levels of guidance to suit the person looking to learn. This is to ensure the best materials are available for the person. This is why the intake calls and forms are an essential part of your learning. So you feel comfortable with the process and understand if the course is worth your time and energy. 

The Takeaway 

What are you looking to achieve during the course and will it happen. If you’ve been promised more sales or even an exuberant amount of money you want to make sure it happens right? So make sure you’re working with a trusted source. Just like the promises you need to ensure others have taken away the knowledge, experience, clients, money etc. That was being offered from the start. Once again you can check the testimonials or even contact previous course members and ask them about their experience. You may get mixed results with this approach, but at least you’ll get a genuine opinion. 

Final Thoughts

Taking an online course is different from the traditional form of learning as you’ll be working with people that have varying levels of teaching/coaching experience. Some successful professional trainers will have a different approach to those just entering the coaching world. As well as the fact each coach will have their method of delivering information. Communication is important, so don’t be afraid to enquire where necessary. Online learning and courses can be a costly endeavour for individuals, but when you find the right course it could redefine your businesses success.  

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