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Stop Making These 5 Content Mistakes

Content mistakes aren’t simple spelling mistakes, that would fall down to quality checks. No, these content mistakes can cut down a little deeper. Those mistakes that you may not know you are making, but are costing you views, engagement and leads. Here are 5 mistakes that you need to stop making. 


Me Me Me Content

When someone talks about themselves over and over again it can be draining. Once you see that person or collogue cross the room you know you’re in for a conversation which is either a brag or a rant. So, you switch off. Talking about yourself constantly is a content mistake. It turns people away and will get you ignored. Worse still if your brand is associated with your message your company’s reputation will be hit as a result.

Unformatted Content

Repurposing content is a good idea. You can reach a different audience with the same message and topic. But. If it’s not done right it can look lazy. Text in images will be cropped, videos will be stretched or poorly optimised and it will make it harder for your audience to believe you care about the message you are putting out there. You don’t want to cheapen your message to your audience. Anything you post, repurposed or not needs to have that thought and value put into it. Just because it’s repurposed doesn’t mean you should have half your heart in it. 

Quick Win Content 

Quick win content is content where you’re looking for a call to action without providing any value. “Give us a call, so we can sell to you” seems to be the message your content is putting out in the world. When you look for quick wins the only audience you are talking to is those who are desperately looking for that same quick fix. It’s a content mistake that seems to work, but brings in clients that suck up your time and energy. 

Lose-Lose Content 

Whereas quick wins will actually deliver you a client or two after a lot of pursuits, lose-lose content will leave you with nothing. It’s content for the sake of content, which doesn’t provide your audience with any value and doesn’t compel them to take any action. Even if the action is as simple as dropping a comment. What are the signs of lose-lose content? Lack of engagement, a confusing message and a sporadic posting schedule. 

Ignoring Your Post After It’s Gone Out 

Content mistakes don’t just stem from the creation and posting. You can make a huge mistake, by only viewing your insights days after your post has gone out. You should be in your comment section engaging with your audience. It will increase the longevity of your post and you can learn a lot from potential new clients. Even a simple like to a considerate comment can go a long way to prove you’ve not just posted and abandoned your post. 

If you avoid these content mistakes you’ll be able to put the right foot forward with your content, and start creating the content that engages your prospects, creates a following and lays a foundation for more sales.

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