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Steps You Need To Take To Join The Accelerator Programme

Before you look at taking Maverrik’s most intensive social selling course there are a few things you need to do to join and make the most out of the accelerator programme. Here are the steps you need to take, so you can achieve the results you are looking for. 

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Redefine Your Thought Process

There are a few potholes we can fall into mentally that slow us down. If you don’t believe what we teach you and put them into action you will most likely get nothing out of the programme. It takes action and the right approach to achieve anything, especially in sales. So you need the right thought process. Fight the urge to connect with people and immediately pitch. Don’t miss the steps that seem extensive or boring. Never assume that you know everything the accelerator programme is trying to teach you. 

Update Your Social Profiles 

The accelerator program isn’t for beginners. It takes into account the current state of your profile, but it isn’t designed to guide you step by step through profile creation or setting up your profile. Before you get involved with the accelerator program you should have an existing account of all-star status ready to become a landing page for your potential audience. We offer Profile Reviews if you need a helping insight on what this entails. 

Be Prepared

The Accelerator Program is structured around 13 weeks of group training, and live sessions. During which we will define why people should choose to buy from you. There will be important discussions about your business which is open to restructuring your sales process. Moulding your customers’ journey with your business and defining your message. This course is designed for larger companies looking to grow their business exponentially. If you follow the Accelerator Programme you will need to keep up! 

Set Aside Some Time for The Accelerator Programme 

The accelerator program allows you to make sales within the first month of joining, but there is a lot to learn and actions to take. So, make sure you set aside the time to run through the materials. You shouldn’t skim through and pick out the information relevant to you, as this could lead to missing some vital information. This doesn’t mean you should run through everything as soon as you can, instead take the time to ensure you take everything in and make the necessary notes. 

These steps may seem obvious, but it’s important to place yourself in the right mindset and prepare your profile. If you start before you’re fully ready to begin making more sales and growing your business online you may end up wasting valuable time. These steps are vital to join the Accelerator Programme and have a productive experience.


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