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Social Media Marketing: Posting Through a Creative Drought

Social Media Marketing: Posting Through a Creative Drought

Everyone has moments where inspiration comes and goes. When you’re trying your best to post during a creative drought it can be quite difficult mentally. Here are a few tips to help you get through a creative drought when it comes to social media posts. 

Browse for New Creators 

Nearly all artists gather their inspiration from other artists. The same principle can be applied to your online posts. Seek out new trends, or people pushing what tools a platform offers. You don’t have to copy them verbatim, but you can use their creativity to inspire your own take on a certain topic or trend. If this isn’t working you need to expand your horizons and go on a content hunt. Search through hashtags you may have not explored before, or uncover hidden gem websites that offer more compelling content. Soon enough you can be caught up consuming new content and inspired to make your own. 

Create a New Environment

Writing and creating content in the same space for a long period of time can be challenging. You’ll soon see yourself falling into a routine and your content will lack a certain spontaneity and spark. When it feels like you’re painting by the numbers the outcome will show it. So try to create a new environment to work within. This can be extremely tough in the current pandemic situation, but a new environment doesn’t mean completely renovating your home. A simple solution is new lighting or listening to music / turning the music off altogether. Whatever it may be, throw yourself in a new space. This is where laptops and smartphones shine, as they are portable enough for you to create anywhere easily. 

Go For a Walk

A long walk and some fresh air help my creative process tremendously. Find a familiar long path and take a light stroll. I walk my dog daily and on this walk, I will plan my week, think about new articles, show topics, you name it. There is a lot of power in a simple walk. So if you find yourself struggling with a certain project or creating a new campaign, take a walk.

Don’t Give Up

This heading speaks for itself. We can resign ourselves to only posting when that spark of inspiration comes, but who knows when that time will arrive? If you’re a business owner you need to be seen regularly to maintain relevancy online. Marketing is all about being seen. You can’t just have a simple presence online anymore, you need to be active. Otherwise, you’ll be left behind. So don’t give up posting online. Even when you have no idea what to talk about, battle through the fog to give it your best shot.

 If you’re looking for motivation or inspiration for your next post, seek out those who constantly post every day and take a note from their process. If you still find yourself without a clue where to start or how to move forwards, we have plenty of courses and guides which have the answers you’re looking for.

Luke Tew

Luke Tew

I'm Maverrik's Head of Digital Media. You may remember me from such videos as Sales Fails, Maverrik Live and Board-game Reviewers Gone Wild.
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