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Should you Separate Business and Politics? featured image

Should you Separate Business and Politics?

When it comes down to it, everything can be considered politics. Each decision has its influence on how an individual sees your business in the realm of politics. You don’t need to openly campaign for one party for others to try and guess which “side” your business is on. But, is there a middle ground between business and politics? 

Playing to the Audience

When it comes to the messaging of your business you can go one or two paths. You can fully lean towards one side and try and leverage the audience. Playing into their general beliefs, how they react to certain situations and unfortunately for most businesses their fears. Or you can choose to avoid all politics altogether, no matter what is being discussed. 

Alternatively, you can decide to leave politics altogether and shy away from any controversial discussions. As a writer for Maverrik, I won’t share my political opinion on the platform as it’s unfair to promote my views as a spokesperson for the entire company. I believe that only with contrasting beliefs and opinions can we truly make something great and help as many people as possible grow their business. So this article is leaving political statements behind. Instead, I’ll be looking at how politics affects businesses.

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Promises and Ideas 

As a business owner, your main priorities will be your family, whether that constitutes just you and a cat or a full-blown 12 person human pyramid, and of course your business. Keeping the business alive and thriving. When it comes to politics and leadership you’ll naturally gravitate towards those which offer you the best deal. With your own blend of morals and ethics thrown in. However, the first and foremost thing will be “oh that’s a great deal” with the BUT coming just afterwards. 

Each political party will try their best to understand their audience and what they’re looking for in the current economic climate. Are they looking for growth or stability? If you look at what they’re promising and campaigning for, you can get a better understanding of what businesses are looking for. I understand it could be annoying listening to people you dislike discuss… anything. But, if you take the time to dissect what’s being said you’ll have a greater understanding. Always take into consideration who is talking, however, because this is politics. 

I look at the overall topics themselves and why they are brought up in the first place. Most of the time the featured topic is brought up due to public interest or a current problem which has arisen. Such as the pandemic and the loss of jobs, leading to a surge of people struggling financially. 

Many business owners ensure to separate business and politics in the office as a principle. This ensures there are no heated debates within the office.

Speaking Out 

So, when should you speak out? Paul A. Argenti wrote an interesting article about when your company should speak out about a social issue. Which highlights the strategy of speaking out. Touching on factors such as your company’s influence on the situation and does it align with your company’s strategy. Your team will join your company based on their beliefs and what they feel they can achieve. You won’t see a vegan in a butcher shop. 

Discuss issues openly and neutrally within your company and understand every point of view before taking action. Of course, when it becomes a clear cut statement you’ll want to make sure that your team is on board and share your ethics. If people can’t be respectful and listen, constantly raising arguments due to politics there may be time to intervene and have a tough discussion within the office. It’s not silencing people by mediating constant arguments within an organisation. 

In summary and in light of recent events within politics, businesses need to take a calculated and well-informed approach when it comes to separating business and politics. Is it a good idea? Should a statement be made? Are those memes really funny anymore?


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