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Why It’s Important to Remove Synced Contacts on LinkedIn Featured Image

Why It’s Important To Remove Synced Contacts On LinkedIn

Think back to when you first got started on Linkedin. Did you go a bit, connection crazy? Don’t worry if you did – we’ve all been there. You see someone you know and you want to connect, it’s perfectly logical. But, when you notice your feed becoming a bit clogged up, it may be time to refine your connections. The best place to start is to removed synced contacts on LinkedIn and I’ve rounded up a couple of reasons why.

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Streamline Your Network

It’s important to remember that synced contacts can come from three separate places – your email account, your Google account and last but not least, your mobile phone contacts. That’s quite a few different streams of people and it can leave your network looking less industry-focused and more like a family reunion. 

When you’re working toward building your personal brand or refining your profile, these contacts may be people that you don’t wish to share these updates with. Whether they’re ex-colleagues, family and friends or even your hairdresser, you may wish to remove them. Removing these contacts also gives you more room to connect with industry professionals, thought leaders or even just your current colleagues. 

In short, removing synced contacts on LinkedIn allows you to streamline your network and bring it back to your craft.

Stay Away From Controversy

In hand with streamlining your network, removing synced contacts from your Linkedin account can also go a long way to ensure your account isn’t involved in any kind of controversy – whether that be directly, or by association. 

The saying goes: “I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.”

The same analogy applies when it comes to LinkedIn. You can’t control the views or opinions of those that you are connected with, but you can control who you are connected with, your opinions and what you consume – especially on social media. Removing your synced contacts ensures that any controversial opinions from friends or family (for example) on the platform won’t be displayed to you. Therefore, you won’t be associated with it in any way, shape or form – keeping your network controversy-free. 

Thankfully, LinkedIn makes it really easy to remove any synced contacts you may have. All you need to do is click ‘My Network’ on the homepage, then click ‘Contacts’ on the left-hand side. There, you’ll be able to click ‘Manage Synced Contacts’ on the right, and click ‘Remove All’. Finally, click ‘Continue’, and you’re all done.


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