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Pathmonk Presents Podcast: Dean Seddon on Being Consistently Visible to the Right Customers featured image

Pathmonk Presents Podcast: Dean Seddon on Being Consistently Visible to the Right Customers

Our very own CEO and Founder, Dean Seddon, recently appeared on the Pathmonk’s Presents Podcast to talk about how to stay consistently visible to the right customers!

Pathmonk’s Presents is a show that focuses on real-life insights from top business leaders sharing real success stories (and failures) all packed into just twenty minutes! This great show holds really detailed conversations (as you’ll see from the interview with Dean) with founders and business owners to dissect growth strategies and so on. 

With limited resources, budgets and time, it can often feel like you’ll never reach that success you’re looking for. But, Maverrik did just that. Now, we set out to help other companies from start-ups to multinationals to grow and be visible to the right customers. 

Tune in to the episode below where Dean covers marketing for different audiences, optimising your website, developing B2B relationships and the power of the right traffic.

If you’re looking to develop the right B2B relationships you need to be taking measured steps every day. Engage with your audience and ensure you are doing your best to really take that personable approach. Easier said than done, but with the right strategy you can break the process up into actionable segments which can really yield the results you are looking for. One of the elements of this relationship building is being visible to the right customers.

When you show up in front of your target audience each day they will feel a sense of familiarity with your content and talking with you. If you want to learn more we highly suggest you come along to one of our content webcasts where we show you how to leverage content to create connections, relationships and sales. Head over to our events page to see when our next session will be live. Or, if you can’t wait to get started go to the Maverrik store and take our Content That Converts course which goes into detail the actions you need to take to make your content work for you.


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