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Maverrik Has Partnered With Eventbrite! featured image

Maverrik Has Partnered With Eventbrite!

Maverrik is delighted to announce we’ve formally partnered with Eventbrite for all our business growth, social selling, and strategy events in 2021.

We’ve been using Eventbrite as a business for the last three years as it makes it easier for our clients and customers to access our training, however, our new closer partnership allows us to work with Eventbrite more closely. Helping to deliver events now accessible across the world. Ensuring a better event experience as a result.

Maverrik and Eventbrite

Eventbrite has been our go-to platform for events for years and we’ve hosted many of our sell-out courses using Eventbrite. Especially our “Win Your Next Client on LinkedIn” course, now available online. Due to the current nature of events, we’re thrilled to be spearheading a transition to frequent online events. Offering the same knowledge and experience on a new platform available across the world.

We’re looking forward to taking this partnership forwards in the new world where we can once again bring our in-person events to venues across the UK and beyond. If you want to keep up to date with our recent events ensure to visit our Eventbrite page. There you will find everything you need to book your spot in one of our featured courses and free events. Each designed for business growth and sales strategy.

What does this mean for customers?

It means over the next 3 months we will be working to improve our registration process and provide more addons for our guests and learners. We’ll also be able to advertise our events more widely including our free live training which is run weekly for business owners and their teams. We are really pleased to be partnered with Eventbrite and look forward to working with their team in 2021.


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