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How To Use Psychology in Digital Marketing Featured Image

How To Use Psychology in Digital Marketing

Connecting with your customer base: the goal of digital marketing. But how can you use psychology in digital marketing to help you get there? It’s not about sneaky tricks or manipulation.  

Imagine two ice cream vans. One has people queuing up to get a cone. The other? Not a single customer. Which one do you think serves the best scoop?

This is called social proof. People will place greater value on something if they see that others do, too. So, how can you use the psychological phenomenon of social proof in your digital marketing?

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The Power of Peers

Peers are relatable. That’s why it is important to feature satisfied customers as part of your digital marketing. They will act as the social proof that is going to draw people in. 

A positive review is great because it helps reassure potential customers that they too will have a positive experience with your company. Posting them to your social media or displaying them prominently on your website is going to increase their visibility and reach. Another way to feature your happy customers is through user-generated content. Creating a branded hashtag, for example, can be an effective digital marketing strategy. It will encourage customers to post about their experiences and create buzz. You can also share them, which will positively impact both the original customer and provide social proof for future customers. 

Social proof from peers will increase authenticity and relatability for your customer base. 

The Power of Authority

Authority figures provide another type of social proof. Big brands can act as powerful authority figures, especially for customers. So if you work with big names, make sure to publicise this relationship through your digital marketing. 

This could mean displaying the logos of these big brands on the homepage of your website. Or, it could take the form of case studies. These are deep dive’s into the successful relationship between you and the high profile brand and can become a feature of your digital marketing strategy. 

Companies that create industry rankings or present awards are also seen as authority figures. If you have been bestowed with any such accolades, highlight it within your digital marketing. Awards represent another form of authoritative social proof, which comes with an air of authenticity. 

The Power of Numbers

When it comes to social proof, make sure to showcase the numbers. Numbers are quick, efficient ways of communicating information and are great for capturing people’s attention online. You can show the number of customers you have had, or the number of positive reviews you’ve received. This will allow your digital marketing to communicate social proof even at a glance. 

Using psychology in your digital marketing is about steering potential customers into making the decision to buy from or seek a relationship with your company. You can do this by highlighting positive customer feedback. Using this social proof will motivate customers to make the decision for themselves. It is a great strategy for digital marketing because it shows the value of your business in a grounded and authentic way.


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