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How To Turn Clients Into Fans

How To Turn Clients Into Fans

There’s no disputing that fans make the atmosphere all the more enjoyable, from festivals to sporting events the shared experience, cheers, highs and lows unite us all. If only for a moment and there’s something undeniably exhilarating about that. Being one in a crowd full of adoring fans, screaming in joyous unison at a shared passion is like nothing else and it’s near impossible to not get swept up in the moment. 

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That electric energy is addictive but how do we capture this when it comes to brand loyalty? And more importantly, how do we turn clients into fans?

It can feel like a strange concept, clients becoming fans, but the two aren’t that dissimilar. In fact, it could be argued that a loyal online following encourages the same level of fan engagement as any big sports event or concert. It’s just that instead of filling arenas and stadiums it’s newsfeeds and email inboxes. It still creates that buzz and excitement for your brand and ultimately helps customers to buy into it.

It’s a crucial aspect but how can you do this well without seeming disingenuous?

It all starts with understanding why you need a fanbase. This acts as the building block and can see you quickly increase your revenue, without having to increase your marketing budget. This is down to the fact that fans will act as your own personal cheerleaders and their genuine love for your brand will speak volumes. It will also entice new customers who find themselves more willing to give your brand a go because of this positive word-of-mouth style free marketing.

Building up that repertoire takes time but it is worthwhile in the long run. Especially when this is likely to see customers returning again and again because finding a brand you like and trust is difficult. When you eventually find that spark and connection with a business or product you’re more enticed to stay loyal.

It’s also far easier to peak existing consumers’ interests with new products through exclusive access and launch events. It makes them feel valued and that bit more special. Not to mention they’re more likely to tell their friends and therefore widen your consumer base.

There are countless positives and possibilities when it comes to creating a fanbase from your clients but to help makes things easier here are 3 simple steps towards cementing that loyal fandom.

Three ways to turn those clients into fans:

  1. Give them the VIP treatment

Capturing your client’s attention is one thing but maintaining it is another. That’s why it’s crucial to make them feel extra special and like VIPs throughout their interactions with your brand.

Everyone likes to feel special and clients are no exception. You need to deliver that above and beyond customer service, optimise your website and have help on hand. Whether that’s through chatbots or phone calls, if they have an issue that needs to be addressed you don’t want difficulty with getting in contact to taint their experience.

There’s also no harm in offering perks and incentives with loyalty programs. This can reiterate that want to make loyal customers feel special and show the clear appreciation you have for them.

  1. Get them talking 

You want to give your consumers something exciting to talk about, whether it’s sneak peeks or one-time discounts, you need to grab their attention. 

Often brands will also adopt a referral award initiative, that benefits the current customers and whoever they chose to invite. This can be another effective way to entice clients and will have you well on your way to turning them into fans.

  1. Take an active approach

Perhaps the most important element to master is the art of being active across your social media channels. You don’t need to be on everything, nor do you need to spam constantly. It’s about quality not quantity but regular posting on the right platforms will ensure your clients are seeing posts that feel exciting and more importantly relevant. 

Then it’s a case of encouraging your clients turned fans to post their own content to join your business’s story and journey. Immersing your fans in your content will make them an active part of your brand instead of just an observer watching from the outskirts.

Main Takeaway 

That feeling of community and inclusivity is a big one when it comes to turning your clients into fans and getting your consumers through that marketing funnel isn’t an easy endeavour but it’s one that will pay off.

While your work is never done and maintaining your fan’s attention and interest is an ongoing task it’s important to remember that doing this will help your business grow and evolve. 

So, keep those fans happy, engaged and they’ll do a large proportion of the marketing for you. In a genuine and positive way that can only ever be a good thing for your business.


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