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How To Sell a Problem The Right Way In Four Simple Steps featured image

How To Sell a Problem The Right Way In Four Simple Steps

When it comes to your sales process the best method to get your prospects interested is to speak their language. What is it that makes them take the action to fix their problem? These four steps will help you sell a problem the right way using only four simple steps. 


Step 1: Uncover an underlying problem

Everyone’s sale starts with a conversation and a couple of questions. This question could be anything from “how’s it going at – insert company name here -” to “Congratulations on your promotion, any big plans in the future?”. That starts a conversation. Now, to uncover your prospects’ problem you need to be able to slow down your impulse to promote your business. When a prospect asks about your offerings, turn it around and discuss their needs instead.

Step 2: Learn More about the Problem Through Learning Their Story 

As the conversation moves forward you’ll be treated to a variety of real-life experiences. Where your leads have been let down before by the same industry, or they’ve attempted to solve their pain themselves and it didn’t turn out the way they hoped. Either way, savour these stories as they tell you the bigger picture. It tells you what problem they’ve had in the past and what doesn’t work for them. If you offer the same solution which has failed in the past they will be apprehensive about moving forward. 

Step 3: Make The Problem Undeniable 

Another important factor of this storytelling is the emotional connection the person will develop by telling it. It shows that the experience itself has frustrated them and highlights the reasons why. When you delve deeper into the repercussions of the problem you can hit the emotional beats that allow for a deeper conversation and develops a better relationship. This doesn’t mean you need to rub salt in the wounds, as this can come across as you enjoying their pain. A big mistake when it comes to social selling. 

Step 4: Sell Your Solution 

Now you understand the problem, why it exists and your lead is emotionally invested in the outcome, you’ll be able to sell your solution. You’ll need to be able to showcase why your solution takes precedence over anything else they’ve tried before. If you’ve been listening to their stories and made notes throughout the process you’ll even be able to tailor your services to their needs in such a way that they’ll be open to working with you. If the problem is big enough this could lead to a productive and lucrative relationship in which everyone benefits. 

Why Sell a Problem? 

If you’ve attended any of our training sessions you’ll have heard us talk extensively about selling the problem. No one purchases a service or product unless there is a specific need, and this is especially true in B2B sales. That “need” is a solution to a problem. A problem that a company is facing opens up countless opportunities for a partnership. The problem itself can create an intent for a company to work with your business and it’s the most powerful sales device in social selling. 

If you’re a product peddler from the start you’ll just end up cataloging your services and business without putting any real context to your prospects. You need to be able to connect your business with the person in such a way that it’s an undeniable fact that your company will help them move forwards. So there you have it four simple steps to sell a problem the right way. 

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