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How to Recover Your LinkedIn Company Page When You’ve Lost Control

There are many different ways to lose access to your company page. Don’t panic, you haven’t lost it completely and there may still be a way to regain access. Here are some tips on recovering your company page when you’ve lost control. 

Creation of the Page

If wasn’t ever an admin on your company page, but notice one was created it may have been automatically generated by LinkedIn. This means a page has been created to house the information your team has given. If someone puts your company in their experience and doesn’t link the official page, if one exists, then you’ll have duplicates or a newly created page from LinkedIn itself. 

Alternatively, you may have been in contact with a digital marketing agency to up your internet presence on LinkedIn. They could have created a page for you and not made you an admin just yet. In this case all you need to do is communicate with them you’d like to be an admin on the account. 

Finally, a business with a similar name has created a company page for themselves before you had the chance. There is not much to be done here, as everyone is allowed free reign on the site. But, if you feel the company isn’t real you can still contact LinkedIn customer service who can deal with the issue. 

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Reclaiming access

To recover your LinkedIn company page, or remove an auto-generated company page you’ll need to contact LinkedIn customer service. Ensure you have all the details you need in order to complete the process. 

You will need: 

  1. Your email address linked to your personal account
  2. A direct link to the company page


A direct link to the company page you’d like to claim/close down

You’ll also need to make sure that you have the proof you need in order to show you are the official company representative. This may include a company email address registered to a real domain. This prevents anyone from just pretending to be the owner of any company. 

Why Not Just Make a New Company Page? 

One of the key reasons to stay on top of your pages is to avoid confusion. If you’re looking to promote your company there is nothing worse than confusion. If you have multiple pages all you’re going to do is start a game of where’s wally with your business. Ensure that you shut down false company pages. If anyone stumbles upon them, it’ll make your business seem lazy or worse incompetent when it comes to using LinkedIn. Recover your LinkedIn company page as soon as possible. 

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