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More Clients – How to Quickly Increase Traffic to Your Website Using Blogging

If you’re looking for more traffic for your website, where do you start? Do you put your money into your Google ad account and wish for the best? There is another way to start generating organic traffic for your website with the end goal of winning new clients. Here is how you can increase traffic using just blogging.

To get more clients, you have to know what is going on in your market right now. See what is popular, see what is trending, and see what is working. Then deconstruct and even implement these ideas into your business strategy, as long as they will work for you. Once you have all that in place it’s time to start talking to your audience. But, what do you blog about? 


Answer Questions

The first thing you can do is be open to all customer requests. Find out what they are searching for in the form of questions, then answer them. For example, if people are struggling with changing their LinkedIn headers and you promote consultancy packages for those people to get the most out of LinkedIn, then you could write a tutorial on how to change their headers. A more abstract example would be if you sell dental floss, but no one knows the right technique for flossing your teeth, then write a tutorial on how to floss your teeth. 

If their answer may be a bit long for an article, you can turn the questions in other forms for the media easier to digest. Such as webinars and other presentations. Alternatively break the article down into multiple articles. The more content you have for your website will increase the traffic, blogging or otherwise.

Offer Value 

Next, you must give more value. Give something to your customers so they will keep coming back. This means providing a key nugget of information, the possibility of a discount or something else of value. By giving more value, customers associate your blog with something important to not be missed. 

It’s easy to simply blog about your current business reports and new products, but offering something of value which isn’t a blatant promotion will help define your business as one which wants to help rather than sell. Company ethics are important in the modern world. A company that cares about the people and the world will reach further than those who are perceived to just want money. 

You need to write your blog posts in the most engaging way. Keep the blog easy to read and informative. Dry content is harder to gain traction, so lace it with some personality. You’ll need to post good content constantly. You’re only as good as your last piece! 

Many internet marketers are turning to blogs as an effective way to keep up with their competition. Blogs are cheap to start with and they can be updated easily with keyword research, keyword writing tips and helpful content, all from the comfort of your own home.

Blogging is a great way to get out your voice and let everyone know what is going on at your business. It also has the added benefit of being free! If you put a few minutes into doing this, you will see a lot more traffic.

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