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How to Get the Most Out of Google Local

With the millions of people who use Google every single day, it is no surprise that businesses turn to Google to generate leads. There is an incredible amount of information out there about generating traffic with Google. This is how you can get the most out of Google of Business. 

One of the most important tips in generating leads is Google’s Google Local search feature.

According to a recent study done by ComScore, there were over 6 million local business searches each month on Google. These searches are generated through the “Google Local” feature and come from Google users looking to locate a local business. The average user will only conduct two or three local searches per month and these are the ones that show up in the search results.


Developing an Online Presence 

Most local businesses do not have websites. While this does not mean that they cannot have one, most will find that it would be cheaper for them to create a website with Google Local rather than hiring a web developer. A website can be created quickly and it allows an owner to create a website that is fully functional and has an online presence, as well as a physical presence. The ability to create a website allows local business owners to promote themselves while also increasing the odds of someone searching for a local business to perform a particular service or product.

Generating Traffic 

There are many different ways to generate traffic with Google Local. The best way for most small businesses to generate leads is to create a website or blog where they advertise the products and services of the business, which can be listed on the Google Local page. Once a person clicks on a link on the Local page, the person is directed to the owner’s website.

If an owner decides that he/she wants to create his/her website, the first thing to do is to select a domain name. This domain name is important because it tells the people who see the website that the owner owns the website. Once the person who found your website is on your site, a person searching for a local business should be able to click on the Google Local page to see if the business is located in the area. When a person clicks on the links, the person is redirected to the website for that specific business.

Local Stores Should Still Compete Online 

A website owner has the advantage of using their website as an online storefront to display advertisements, whereas a local business owner needs to maintain a physical storefront location. Local businesses usually have a physical storefront, because this is where a potential customer can see the items being offered for sale and can speak with people directly. 

A local business owner needs to have a website. Whilst hosted in a high traffic area so that search engines can find the website easily. This is important because more traffic equals more profit. Many online businesses use free site design services to host their websites, but your site will perform better if it’s personally designed for your business by a professional.

Marketing with Google Local 

Online business owners should focus on using Google Local for marketing the products and services of their business. Local business owners also want their customers to visit their website from time to time, so they should always post links on their site for the products and services of the business.

A web design company can design a website that will attract many visitors since they know what a potential customer looks for on a website and how to create pages that attract a visitor to a website. When people search for a business on Google for business, they often do not care what it is, they want to know what is available for them to do since they are looking for a service or product. A website that is informative and provides a useful resource or product is the best any business can hope for. 

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