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How To Get People To Download Your Brochure

So your team has created a compelling sales brochure that offers amazing discounts and information… but no one is downloading it. How do you get people to download your brochure? Here are a few methods that have worked in the past and a few promising ideas which could help set those download figures ablaze. 

Email Marketing

The tried and tested method for digital marketing has taken a downturn as of late with more people sceptical about literally anything that hits the inbox. I blame fake apple and amazon emails telling me constantly to update my password on sketchy copied template websites. Either way, this makes sending attachments a nightmare. So, it’s a good idea to host the brochure and focus on sending those interested to a download page instead. That isn’t the only reason to do this however, mass emailing attachments could be costly and land you in the spam folder faster than you can say “singles in your area”. 

A key element for email marketing is the data. It needs to be compliant and you need a genuine reason for emailing those prospects your brochure. The phrase legitimate interest needs to be playing in the back of your mind. Once you have all this set and you have a great list of people to share with you need to compose the message. Keep it light and give them a reason to click through. 


SEO and Content Marketing 

There has been a trend I’ve noticed for a while that focuses on phrases more than anything else when it comes to SEO. You need to be the top site that delivers the answers to questions those have about your industry. Craft content surrounding those questions and discussions. Talk about them, answer them and whilst you are doing so drop the links to your landing page. This could be through simple banner ads or within the copy itself if the platform allows it. 

Content marketing is on the rise and you’ll be able to draw more people in when you focus on everything surrounding your products. If you want more people to download your brochure you have to make your brochure unmissable. Something which is a natural solution to a question they have. When you consider your content in this manner it can become easier to create and promote insightful content which offers value and purpose.

Social Selling 

You want more people to download your brochure? Why not just ask them? Social selling is the best way to get those connections around you to take action. You’ll be surprised how often people will help you out if you ask them to do something simple. There is nothing worse with naturally asking someone to take a look at your brochure and see what they think. You could even phrase it as an exercise to see how others will react. When it feels like someone values your opinion you’re more likely to give it a little bit more attention than you normally would. Not everyone is in it for themselves. Most of us can be kind if you give it a chance. 

Social selling is more than just asking people for a favour. It also requires content marketing, relationship building and leveraging social media. But, given enough attention and the right strategy, it is the most effective way to get people to take action. If you’re looking for more people to download your brochure it is a key element to get involved in. 

Those are just a few tips that should get you on the right path. There are a ton of resources available for you to get started with these techniques on our free learning page, which I highly recommend checking out. 

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