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How To Find Your Value Proposition

How To Find Your Value Proposition

How good are you at keeping your promises? When it comes to making sales, that is all buyers care about. However, you need to make sure that you get them hooked in the first place. This is where the importance of finding your value proposition comes in. Believe it or not, buyers are not interested in buying your solution. They want to know what your solution can do for them.

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Finding your value proposition starts with understanding your customers’ pain points. These are the problems they are having that your business can solve. Sometimes, they may not even realise they are having these problems. So, your first job is to create an emotional engagement that will draw them in. Your value proposition will also not always be about selling. It can also be a great way to lead people to learn more about your business and further explore the solutions you are able to offer them. This will help you to avoid hard-sell approaches that can quickly put buyers off.

The next step in your value proposition is where keeping promises comes in. By now, your buyers know the problems they are having. You need to explain how you can save them from the panic you have just thrown them into. Buyers need to be convinced of the positive outcome your solution will offer them. It’s important to keep things simple and easy to understand. Otherwise, you run the risk of boring your buyer and losing them completely. As well as this, you want to make sure that you are communicating in a way that your buyers can relay to other people in their network. 

Last but not least you need to prove your value. Terrible puns aside, this is the true selling point of your value proposition. This is where you prove to your buyer why they should choose you over any competitor. However, this still does not need to be done in a pushy way. Instead, you are creating a call to action. By this point, your buyer should already be hooked meaning all they need is a small nudge to commit to the sale.

LinkedIn is a great place to find your value proposition. Social selling is only growing in popularity and it all depends on methods like value propositions. If you can structure your posts in a way that conveys this, you are guaranteed to increase your sales.


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